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Why customers choose Smunch

The feedback of the companies we deliver to is essential and helps us stay flexible and innovative as a business. For this reason we have conducted case studies with some of our long-term customer companies. Our aim was to find out why they chose Smunch in the first place and how our employee benefit is perceived by their teams. 

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Good employers don't just employ

Hubspot has recognized the importance of employee benefits and is offering teams in all eight subsidies worldwide a variety of perks.


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Happy team, happy employers

Since the introduction of Smunch, employee feedback at N26 has improved remarkably. And the happier the team, the happier the employers. 

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No more queuing up outside

Alongside a more relaxed team and more efficient working days, solarisBank can be satisfied with a now even more active and cooperative work atmosphere.


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Smart benefits make attractive businesses

Staff at November are especially happy about the variety of choices at Smunch - and that they always know what they'll get without much hassle.


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A benefit with nutritional value

Smunch is popular with the employees of Treatwell in Berlin: they love the big variety, wholesome food, time spent with colleagues and the flexibility. 


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