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Help your team to bond, communicate and excel by providing team lunch

Teams lunches are the most popular employee perk - and rightly so! They detach teams from their screens and help them switch their minds off work as they chat to coworkers from other departments - regardless of age gaps, experience or rank. Team lunches increase employee happiness, resulting in higher motivation and, ultimately, better performance. Learn more about how a team lunch makes all the difference our blog!


Improved communication

Eating together helps foster better work relationships, as the strain of the office surrounding is taken off everyone’s shoulders. This makes teams inclined to talk freely and honestly, improving communication and bonding.

Increased productivity

Providing wholesome and delicious food prevents employees from grabbing unhealthy processed food, therefore making them stronger and fitter while also cutting back your sick leave costs.


Healthier employees

Eating together ensures that everyone will take a proper break, increasing productivity and resistance to stress. It’s also an easy way to save your employees the hassle of queuing and waiting for lunch outside the office.

Make your team a happy team

Pleasing your employees, saving on taxes and improving your employer branding - all at once and more! What are you waiting for? Get in touch now so we can smunchify your lunch breaks!

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Food for thought

Did you know that employees being offered lunch programs are 54% more likely to stay with their current employers? 

Jump on the wagon!