Introducing Smunch

Smunch is the perfect way to bring teams together over delicious food. We offer lunches delivered daily to your office so you can strengthen your employer branding and retain employees.

Your office lunch solution

Smunch lets every employee pick their preferred lunch. There’s plenty of cuisines for you to try from a new restaurant every day, catering for all common dietary restrictions. We ensure all food is delivered at the same time so the whole team can eat together. What is more, tax benefits make it affordable.

Good food matters

Our philosophy of good food is simple: lots of veggies, enough protein, healthy carbs and no added sugar. We’ve personally tried and tested the best restaurants in town, and we keep doing so to constantly ensure our quality is top-notch.

The best chefs in town

Our partners are some of the best and most popular restaurants in the city. Together with Smunch, they curate items from their menu and ensure a wholesome lunch for you. Food is specifically prepared by chefs who love what they do and specialise in that cuisine.

Incredibly affordable

Delicious food, delivered to work - sounds expensive, right? Smunch makes tax benefits work in your favor so the food will cost up to 50% less than the regular restaurant price. We know, you'll now have to find somewhere else to spend all that extra cash!

Easy as 1-2-3

Smunch makes it super convenient for you to get your food and for the company to offer this to all teams. We take care of all the paperwork and do the heavy lifting for the on-time delivery (yes, we gym regularly just for this).

Office lunch can be so convenient

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Pick what you fancy
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Always be flexible
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We deliver on time

Pick what you fancy

We have hand-picked the city’s best chefs, leaving you spoilt with choice. Every user has their own account, so food can be ordered individually.

Tired of justifying yourself? We won’t ask you why you’re vegan, veggie or a meat-lover… we’ll just make sure there’s a lunch for everyone.

Always be flexible

You can choose your lunch until 9:30 am on the delivery day - and up to one week in advance. 

Don’t worry - we’ll never force a Smunch on you. So if you change your mind at short notice, we won’t fuss.

We deliver on time

Your break time is precious. So we make sure all the food is delivered at once, on time, so you can eat with your colleagues.

That is, if you want to. Otherwise you can hide with your Smunch. We won’t tell!

Benefits for employees


Fantastic Food

Food so delicious you’ll count down the minutes to your break! And yet so healthy you can feel good about yourself - what more can you want than a guilt-free indulgence?


Incredibly Convenient

With lunch delivered right to your office, there will be no more debates, running around or queuing in restaurants. Smunch takes care of everything.


Affordable Prices

So you might not be royalty, but you can still eat like it! We’ll make tax benefits work in your favor and reduce prices to make your lunch cost half as much as the regular restaurant price. Cheap as chips!

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Benefits for the company

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Your job is hard enough as it is. That’s why we made sure that offering Smunch to your team won’t cost you more than a few seconds.

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Human Resources

Providing food is a great way to motivate your staff. With good food in their bellies, your team will be healthy and happy - win-win! Smunch is a mean to successful recruitment and easy employee retention.

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Team lunch solutions

Tired of always organizing a new caterer for your team lunch? Let us take care of that! Set up your account once with Smunch and have delicious food from a new restaurant delivered to you each time. People can choose for themselves or you can order on everyone's behalf. We cater for all needs - from gluten-free vegan to lactose-intolerant carnivore. Easy as pie!
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Some of our Smunches

See Sample Menu
Lamb Curry
Broccoli Avocado Salad
Kofte wrap
Bean salad
Feta cheese salad
Tuna salad

Right from your fingertips

Every Smunchie gets an individual account to order and manage their lunches. Everything can be done at the touch of a button - even when you're out and about. Keep an overview of your lunches while easily planning ahead.

Claude Ritter

"We enjoy being able to make the most of our break. Every morning the team checks what the daily Smunch is - later everyone eats together. It really brings a change to our routine!"

Claude Ritter
Claude Ritter
CEO, Book A Tiger

"Smunch is a highlight every day - so easy to order, great choices and on top of that, so delicious! Now our employees can enjoy a daily healthy lunch."

Darya Skibbe
Recruiter, Vistaprint
Sebastian Engver

"With Smunch, the quality, taste and price are spot-on. Smunch makes it easy for the whole team to eat together. The use of tax-benefits in our favor makes it super affordable for all employees!"

Sebastian Engver
Sebastian Engver
Payroll & Accounting Manager, Wayfair

"We really love using Smunch for our team lunches. They always deliver the food on time, there’s a great variety to choose from with options for everyone and it’s really easy to order!"

Claudia Sieber
Office Manager, Audible
Arun Mani
"Smunch makes our "team lunch" days special with their yummy, healthy food options and prompt on-time delivery."
Arun Mani
Arun Mani
CEO, Freshdesk Europe
Özlem Arslan

"Ever since we started using Smunch, our employees are spending more time together, which really improved our office atmosphere - it is an amazing service that we do not want to miss anymore."

Özlem Arslan
Özlem Arslan
Director of People Operations, smava GmbH
Book A Tiger
Freshdesk Europe