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Who is Smunch?

We revolutionize the lunch scene for teams! Daily your employees can use our Smunch Online Canteen to choose between dozens of fresh meals and desserts. Your team's order will arrive in eco-friendly, single packaging simultaneously, just in time for your lunch break. Our app will show a daily changing menu that guarantees the most variability - it's as if you went to a different restaurant in the city every day.

Why are we better than other delivery services? Our food can be subsidized through meal allowances, saving the employer not only the costs of running a canteen, but also taxes and social security payments.

Plus, we are highly flexible. For your events and meetings, try out our catering option. And for busy shift workers? Our Smunch fridge offers the same wholesome meals - around the clock.

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Our Story

It's 2016 and two smart brains called Shivram and Oliver were tired of the daily lunch ordeal. The same old restaurants near the office or late deliveries - plus, cool people only queue up in front of clubs, not fast-food stalls.

That's why they decided to revolutionize the lunch game for offices!

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It all began with a team of three, an idea and a tiny office in Berlin-Mitte. The 'tea kitchen' was a small fridge with a pad machine on top and Excel-Sheets were used to coordinate deliveries. Within six years the company has grown and now delivers to multiple cities in Germany. Following the changing work trends, we added to our options to make feeding teams even more flexible.

Now, we employ over 70 happy Smunchies, united under one mission: healthy eating at work should be just as normal as a working desk.



Ludovic Manjot

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about food, Ludovic joined Smunch in its early beginnings with one goal: get all employees in Germany to enjoy the best lunch experience possible. Ludo is a father of two marvelous kids, a skydiving instructor and obviously loves good food.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to enhance employee experience of our customer companies and employer brand through stellar perks. From our online canteen, catering and fridge - we bring employees together over delicious, healthy, joyful food.

Our Vision is that all great companies in the future will be built with fulfilled employees in caring workplaces.

Our Values

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Our focus is to offer the best service to our customers - every single day. That's why we make sure that they can always rely on our puntual delivery, our quality and our great customer support.

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Smunch challenges the status quo and always reacts to upcoming trends. We invite change, because the growth of our company and employees is our priority.

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We see ourselves as a team and are proud when others succeed. Our meaningful work fulfills us - but we also find time to celebrate our craziness!

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