14 Creative Team Event Ideas for an Absolutely Smashing Day

Team events can be equally exciting or dull (just like field trips back in school). 

As we want you and your team to have an amazing time, we had a little think about what our Smunch team would enjoy. Here are our suggestions - with love, from our team to yours. :)


1) Work-related bingo

What are the most common phrases in your company? Combine them into a work-related bingo (i.e. you use phrases instead of numbers) and have some fun as the balls roll. Make sure to have a prize ready for the winning team!

It could look something like this:

bingoSource: Arena Flowers


2) Segway adventure

So maybe not everyone in your team can drive… but you can all have some fun on a segway after just a few minutes introduction. Enjoy whizzing through the city!

3) Volunteer with animals

Petting kittens and puppies makes everyone happy. Help out at a local animal shelter for a day and you can please both your team and the little furry creatures. We promise: even the grumpy guy from maintenance will eventually open up!

4) Kayaking (or just renting a boat)

A day on the water is always well spent! Paddle around and splash each other - or rent a boat for a less exhausting day (and the possibility to bring more drinks).

5) Brewery tour

There is a local brewery in pretty much every city, even if you wouldn’t think so. Taste your local beers and have some fun establishing a Top-5-list.


6) Paintball or laser tag match

If you always wanted to chase your boss, this could be your chance. Set up a paintball or laser tag match to hunt each other through the arena.

7) Murder mystery

There are many agencies that will organize a fantastic murder mystery for your team - often combined with a lovely dinner. Look for clues and try to identify suspects as you enjoy your food.

8) Sponsored charity sporting event

If your team enjoys exercising, wh not sign up for a charity run together? It’s fun, supports a good cause and is fantastic PR for your brand. You don’t even have to break any records - after all, making it together is what counts.

9) Escape game

If you’re up for the challenge and get along well enough, let the team be locked into an escape room together. You can turn it into a competition and see which team makes it out first.

escape game

10) Bowling

This good old classic never fails. Step it up and go for a Big Lebowski theme, where you let teams compete against each other as you sip White Russians.

11) Berry picking

It sounds super boring but is actually great fun: head out into nature for a day and pick your own berries. Then make compotes or jams for your next office breakfast together.

12) Board game tournament

We all have a favorite board game - usually Monopoly or Taboo. Ask everyone to bring theirs, then compete in teams in a board game tournament. After just a few minutes, people will shriek with excitement and go back to being kids.

13) Orienteering

Head out to a nearby forest, where you drop teams off at different unfamiliar sports. Equipped with a map and compass, see who makes it back to the office first - and is rewarded with a winner’s crate of beer!

14) Host a fundraiser

Looking for a team event with a cause? Host your own fundraiser where you set up a lemonade stall for a day, sell homemade cakes and have a little flea market. It’s fun, requires team effort and it’s all for charity.


Don’t worry about being bored at your next team event. With our ideas, the days of lame raffles and bad DJ’s are over. So grab your team and have some fun!

Happy team event!

The Smunch Team

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