“Somehow, it just doesn’t suit me so well … “


How many times have you already heard this phrase? Even in 2020, the war for talent is proving difficult to recruit good employees. It proves all the more frustrating (and costly!), when they say goodbye shortly after saying hello.


As it stands, 20 to 30% of all new additions leave their job in the first 100 days. This is a shame, considering you have carefully selected them for a role in your company! So, where does the problem lie?


You are more likely to retain your candidates if you optimize your onboarding process


The answer is simple: Many companies put in a lot of effort during the recruiting process. Various interview phases, trial tasks and employer videos are just some of the steps both parties undertake - these are after all designed to make a good impression of one-another.


However, this simply isn’t enough. Employers regularly make the mistake of instantaneously leaving the fresh employee to their own devices. No one wants to be dropped like a hot potato!


Staff retention is more important than ever before and it is your onboarding process which tips the balance. In this blog, we have compiled five proven ideas for your onboarding which we implement here at Smunch. These help new employees to integrate quickly and identify themselves with role and company alike!


Implementing a buddy system will help you create a better impression of your company to the candidate


1. Offer them a buddy!


How were the first few days into your new jobs so far? Did you feel a little lost? Your new employees will experience the same thing - yet you have the power to change this! The first 100 days are the most important in the onboarding process.


At Smunch, every new Smunchie receives a buddy. Therefore, you get a contact person at the start to ask questions and have any queries cleared.


To ensure a smooth start, it is always a plus if the buddy and newbie are placed in contact before the first day. This can be done in a phone call, via email or simply on LinkedIn.


The first day is the hardest during the onboarding process. The buddy makes the new employee feel welcome and introduces them to the other teams. It is important to highlight certain people who have already had contact with the candidate during the interview process - these names are after all still fresh in the mind. If you use an intranet app such as Blink, the new starter's buddy can show them to portal, invite them to relevant teams and show them how to access necessary onboarding documents in the hub (e.g. policy documents, how-to's, etc).


You should consider integrating trips to other departments into your onboarding process


2. Trips into other departments


Every company has more than one department. Yet sometimes it can take weeks (if it happens at all) to gain contact to other teams. This all too common scenario isn’t ideal however.


To make sure that no-one becomes isolated, Smunch gives new team-members the possibility for example, to spend a day with our team of drivers. Through this, they get to know a completely different working routine.


In addition, every newbie has the opportunity to get a coffee with an employee in a different department. This breaks the ice and it becomes easy to know who is responsible for what.


Place trust in your colleagues as part of your onboarding efforts


3. Recognize the individual and let them prove themselves


Every employee is more than just a set of records on a CV. Give them the possibility to change something in the company from the start. This is because individual projects encourage a feeling of togetherness as well as highlighting the power of the individual.


How does it work? Like this: Those who enjoy gardening can liven up the office with greenery. Those who like to bake can organize a cupcake workshop as a team event. Photography-enthusiasts can excite their colleagues with new headshots. These are all examples which prove that your imagination has no limits - this also has positive implications for your employer branding!


Your imagination has no limits - let your candidates play to their strengths and make an impact in the team!


4. Lunch has become standardized - find some creative icebreakers!


As an online canteen, we of course love regular team lunches. Yet this can sometimes become a routine for employees - everyone has their usual place they have lunch in as well as their usual neighbors. This can make it hard for the new employee to integrate.


Consider inviting your team to some ice cream or organize a picnic in the park. You could also play a game of “never have I ever” or “truth or dare” (not the NSFW university versions of course ;) ) to get to know how your new colleagues tick.


Smunch also organizes many team events (we have compiled these in a previous blog post hint hint). We often invite new colleagues to events, even before they have had their first day. This helps you to get to know your new colleagues in a more casual environment.


Get to know your new colleagues with some fun games - this is a great onboarding technique!


5. Feedback is worth its weight in gold!


Don’t you hate not knowing where you’re currently at? Your colleagues feel the same way! Many companies wait up until the first proper feedback talk, which usually takes place halfway through the probation - or even longer!


It is important to let the new addition know how they’re doing - even right from the beginning. This helps to avoid uncertainties and to increase motivation.


It has proven successful at Smunch that every employee (no matter whether fresh or veteran) has a regular 1 on 1 meeting with their supervisor. This creates a transparent working environment and helps to harness potential.


Feedback talks and one on one meetings will help you to retain staff




When it comes to onboarding, you can’t do too much or too little - so what’s the gist?




  • Give direction Give your new additions a push in the right direction - and trust them from the off with their own projects. You have after all selected the best employees from the selection process!


Don’t rely on the fact that everyone will cope on their own. Instead, shape your onboarding process to become a crucial part of your employer branding - it will pay off if done right!


A good onboarding process will bring your team together and integrate new employers into your office culture!

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