6 Food Trends you can’t miss in 2020!

2019 hopefully ends with great cookies and lots of Christmas food for you. If you want, you can pick up your balanced diet habits in 2020. Just know that the food trends for the upcoming year could make that easier as they are looking promisingly healthy.

Baking with alternatives butters and flours or making use of the calming qualities of adaptogens and CBD foods; we’ll show you 6 food trends that need to be tried by you in 2020.
We wouldn’t want you to miss out after all ;)




Cannabis takes markets by storm!

Even this year, CBD sales have skyrocketed. With more innovation on the horizon in 2020, it’s only to be expected to gain even more momentum. While Cannabidiol doesn’t have the same effect as THC, another substance of the plant, it supposedly reduces stress and anxiety without altering your perception or making you high.

CBD can be added to any drink; from coffee, alcoholic beverages to soft drinks. The Coca Cola company allegedly is already thinking about making a CBD-Coke that could be sold in 2020.


cannabis cbd


Restaurants have also started to experiment with the oil. In New York City’s “Chillhouse” you can now order CBD-toast with honey and in multiple German cities new cafés and shops have popped up that specialize on the substance.

Comfort food reinterpreted. Make life sweet with gummy bears and chewing gum, with chocolate or drops that contain CBD. There is only expected to be more experiments, foods and shops with this trendy substance.


green banana flour


This Sh*t is Bananas (Flour)!

Whether you do Low-Carb, are on a Keto diet or are gluten intolerant, there definitely is more and more demand for wheat flour substitutes. Almond or coconut flour no longer are the only options if you want to avoid wheat though.

Some international ingredients will gain popularity.2020 will likely see chickpea flour be more popular here as well for example. Or how about you try the nutty tasting green banana flour?

As a result of reaping bananas while they’re unripe, the flour contains a lot of starch that will keep you satiated for longer. It can be used for sweet or savoury foods just like another new food trend: hybrid flours. These flours have added fruits or vegetables like beetroot or spinach and are as nutritious as they are visually stunning.


Keto Pizza


Ready meals? Snacks? - Yes, Please!

It’s supposed to be quickly prepared but also shouldn’t lack nutrients. With organic soups in jars or frozen quinoa patties you can eat healthy without having to think too much about it. International ready meals like Japanese onigiri or Hawaiian poke bowls can be picked from the supermarket fridges and will likely continue to gain popularity as the world becomes more global.

In 2020, the trend for quick meals could even go as far as to see more people replacing main meals with snacks. That’s because we want our food to fit a more flexible schedule and keep a quality meal with people for the calmer evenings. And snacking can be healthy too!

grocery snacks
We at Smunch will adjust to this demand and offer healthy snacks next to our daily delivered lunches. That way, the whole office can order cheap snacks like fruits, nuts, protein bars and gummy bears.


Spread love like you spread Butter alternatives.

Have you heard about watermelon seed butter? Me either, until writing this blog post. 2020 could be a year that we get new variety for butters and spreads.

One way to be more sustainable is through your daily diet and the reduction of animal products. In order for it to not feel like a sacrifice if you’re not a vegan already, researchers are working on new meat substitutes and plant alternatives.


seed butter


Using butters made from nuts and seeds as rich spreads has become more and more popular. But peanut butter, tahini and almond butter are no longer the only players. How watermelon seeds will be as a butter? Or what about the trendy pili nut as a spread? We will hopefully try ourselves soon.

Eat yourself pretty.

Food no longer is considered to be only fuel for the body or eaten for pure delight of eating. The focus noticeably has shifted on the side effects of nutrients. Especially in times of social media, food has become increasingly linked to optimization of the appearance.



Sea buckthorn and currants for shiny hair, carrots and hard cheeses for whiter teeth, smooth skin through walnuts. All of these side effects are surely not unimportant when it comes to nutrition, especially since these foods are generally healthy.

Aside from looks, social media sets trends for 2020 in other ways. Advertising has noticed the power of influencers and even restaurants have started to make adjusting their menus to the publicity. With more food supplements and ‘instagrammable’ food is to be expected next year too.




Talking about supplements, there is another hot contender we have to talk about in 2020.


Keep calm and carry Adaptogens

Permanent stress is the new smoking. To avoid it completely is impossible but you can at least try to reduce it. Adaptogens could be a helpful way to do that.

Herbs like ginseng and roseroot can already be found in drug store shelves. A newcomer in the world of adaptogens in western countries is ashwagandha, also called sleeping berry. 2020 this plant is supposed to become more popular in Germany.


adaptogen herbs

Adaptogens are supposed to balance out your hormones. This will make you less likely to get anxious or stressed. In the ayurvedic philosophy this is valued a lot since a well balanced body is essential for the general health.

Bye bye stress, hello energy.

What will just have a quick moment in the sun and what trend will make it into our cupboard permanently? We will find out together in 2020.

Smunch wishes you a good start into the new decade!

Happy eating - Smunch Team


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