So you have a business (or you work for one). And you want - or should - make money. Fair enough.

The most common approach is to get more leads, launch more products or invest in aggressive advertising. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - but did you know there are more options?

By offering your teams a relaxed, healthy and beneficial lunch break, you can make them happier - and save your business extra cash! Here’s how.


Work Lunch


Time is money

Obviously, the more condensed time your team spends in the office, the more work they’ll get done. That’s why more and more companies are offering a 4-day week these days - shorter breaks, more efficiency. If this is not an option for your business, consider offering food on the premises so your employees don’t have to step out to purchase any. It will pay off! How?

Think about this: Let’s say an employee saves 30 mins every day by not having to buy lunch outside. Calculating with a 5-day work week and 48 working weeks per year, this means they will spend 120 more hours in the office every year! That’s like 3 extra weeks working for you! Imagine how much extra revenue they can generate.




Spend money to make (or at least, save) money

Did you know you can easily subsidize your employees' lunches? That’s right - and it’s not only easy to implement, but it will also save you taxes, so you spend on one side but save on the other. Add to that the extra revenue generated by your team by spending more time in the office, and you’ll be surprised.

What is more, a good lunch program is an attractive benefit that will help you to win over the most achieving talent - maximizing your success even more.




Healthy team, healthy budget

Did you know that a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that US companies who invested a dollar a day on employee health saved more than three times as much on healthcare costs?

But you don’t even have to spend any money in the first place. By simply creating a relaxed space and an opportunity to switch off and eat well on site, people’s lunch breaks become more enjoyable. This reduces the number one reason for sick days: stress.


Love it more, push it more

We guess you’ve been there: If you’re not fully convinced by a task or company, you won’t give it your all. An attractive lunch program will result in higher satisfaction among employees - and thus higher motivation and better performance! Need we say more?




More conversation - more action!

Improve your corporate communication by bringing your different teams together - at a table, over food. Because what better way is there to break up barriers and drive collaboration? Knowing your colleagues makes it easier to approach and work with them. Ultimately, this increases everyone’s performance and efficiency - and your ROI.

So if this isn’t food for thought, what is? Join the many companies that are already lunching together. If a daily lunch doesn’t work for you, start with a weekly team lunch. Need help organizing this? Reach out to us - Smunch can support you every step of the way.


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