Burger vs. Salad - Which One is Healthier?

We will ask the big question of (foodie) life: If a burger and a salad had the same nutritional value and same amount of calories, which would you choose to eat?

Nowadays, the notion of healthy is highly associated with low calorie, sugar-free, vegan or “boring” foods. Common perception is that the more food restrictions you have, the healthier you are. But let’s face it: Imagine you sit behind your desk every day where you choose to eat a salad lathered in a rich creamy dressing, made with highly processed ingredients. You gobble it down within 10 minutes and don’t make eye contact with anyone but your computer. Is that healthy? (Dramatic jingle ensues.)

How do you eat?

Let’s remember, healthy is a holistic term to describe a positive state of body and mind. How healthy you are is not only about what the dish is, but also the ingredients, how it is made and the approach with which you eat it. Which means that, although a burger might not be your typical idea of healthy, eating a good burger in a mindful, slow and conscious way could be healthier than mindlessly chowing down a fatty salad.


Caesar Salad

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Besides that, it all comes down to the ingredients. Let's compare, say, a Grilled Chicken Burger and a classic Caesar Salad. Both have chicken in them, and yet you'd probably say that the salad is the better choice, huh? Here's the thing: what if we told you that the right burger has half as many calories as the wrong salad? Now we got your attention, right?

A classic Caesar Salad is made with lettuce, chicken, bacon or sometimes anchovy, croutons, parmesan and a creamy dressing - and adds a whopping 590 calories to your daily intake. We’re not saying it’s not delicious… but if you’re looking for a leaner and healthier choice, we got you covered.


Burger Brain

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Choose your ingredients wisely

Imagine a juicy and succulent burger - with just 275 calories. The secret is simple: exchange the bad stuff in the burger for better options. We’ll start with the meat: regular mince is high in fat. Instead of the beef or beef-and-pork options, choose chicken or turkey, which is a great source of protein. You can either grill a breast fillet, or mince it up to form a patty - it makes no difference, as either way, you’ll cut back the calories by 60% and the fat by 90%!

Chicken Breast


As for the bread, opt for wholegrain pitas instead of white rolls. Why? They’re thinner and lighter, but strong enough to hold your filling without tearing. Also, wholemeal breads will fuel you with energy for much longer than sugary wheat options.


Make your own toppings

Still, isn’t a burger all about toppings? Yes! But before you dive into the BBQ sauce, try out homemade yogurt sauce: mix or blend one cup non-fat greek yogurt and half a cup of kale (alternatively, parsley and mint are lovely, too!), a pinch of salt and some freshly ground pepper. Add this, a thin layer of mustard and a slice of tomato to your burger - done! (If you’re feeling extra special today, a little avocado doesn’t hurt - for extra vitamins and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

Of course, all of this is not a universal truth! There are definitely countless very healthy salads out there - it just comes down to your choices. Skip the fatty dressing, the parmesan and the bacon, and maybe opt for rocket, spinach or lamb’s lettuce (the darker the green, the healthier the leaf!) instead of the likes of iceberg. Add some more veggies, perhaps some quinoa, a few nuts and seeds - there you go.


Healthy SaladSource : Food & Wine Magazine

As you see, choice matters. Any meal can be good or bad. As a rule of thumb, check what’s in it before you dig in, and try to avoid processed foods, which are usually extremely high in fat, salt and sugar. If all of this sounds very daunting, we suggest you order Smunch - and leave the research to us!


Love yourself - and your food

Here at Smunch, our food philosophy is all about promoting a holistic and healthy lifestyle is important to us. It isn’t all just about giving offices wholesome, delicious and affordable lunches. We want to encourage employees to make lunch the highlight of their day by utilising their break to relax, enjoy and re-energize. Lunch is another opportunity to get motivated for work. So yes, you will find all kinds of foods on our menu, made with love and the best ingredients. Enjoy them, mindfully and happily. Savor the food and use your break to unwind - knowing that your doing your body and your soul some good.

We would love to hear what you did to make your lunch better. 

But enough talking for now - happy eating!

The Smunch Team


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