Creative Catering: 7 Tips for an Individual Event

What makes an event successful? Since food plays a big role for most people, fantastic catering is already half the battle. Whether you're planning a team lunch, a workshop, or a grand presentation to a number of important clients, it should amazing through and through. Make it individual, so that you will be remembered, and of course delicious and versatile. After all, in most cases good food is enough to satisfy the participants or guests. However, satisfaction is not enough for Smunch - we want to excite people! One recipe for success is giving your catering a creative touch. We have seven tips to make your event a hit.

Beyond the box - and in the box!

A sushi chef, a candy bar or a swivel grill? That's nothing new anymore, and the ingredients are well known and familiar. Instead, dare to take the plunge into lesser-known waters and choose creations that are not yet served every day in this country. Paneer cheese, edamame beans and kimchi are still a culinary adventure that will pleasantly surprise your guests - and they’re all available through Smunch.

Chafing dish


A feast for the eyes

Large platters look nicely arranged and decorated at the beginning, but after only a few minutes they have usually turned into a messy pile. This can be easily avoided by providing each participant with their own lovingly prepared lunch box, which they can then mix according to their own wishes - or not. For this reason, we attach great importance to the fact that our partner restaurants make the smunch boxes particularly inviting.

Involve the guests

As a host or organizer, there is always this one major concern: How can I make sure the food really pleases everyone? How can I cover all intolerances and preferences with one single menu? You do not have to worry about all this - if you simply include your guests in the planning. Just give each guest the opportunity to choose their own favorite from the available Smunch options!This way you can be sure that everyone is enthusiastic about their food - and even save yourself work, discussions and improvisations.

Catering platters


Get a big name on board

Sloppy Joes are too boring for your participants? Unlike most catering services, Smunch offers an extraordinary variety by cooperating with numerous restaurants and catering providers in the city. So you have a whole team of excellent chefs at your disposal, whose creations and locations are sometimes so exclusive that you would otherwise hardly get a chance enjoy them. After all, the best is just good enough for your guests! So: Impress with a name that is hard to book otherwise.

Thinking outside the box... or rather: the building

If the event and the break take place on the same premises or in the same building, the desired relaxed mood is difficult to achieve. That's why we like to go outside for our meals. Each participant simply takes their own lunchbox with them, the organizer provides blankets or searches out a park with benches, and everyone enjoys a little relaxation and some fresh air. This little change is fun and costs nothing!

Picnic benches


A relaxed atmosphere thanks to a great motto

To stand out from a standard catering, a motto is always a good solution. This gives you a framework for unusual decoration, and the guests have a topic for table conversation. How about, for example, the motto "world trip"? In Berlin, Korean bibimbap, Hawaiian poké bowls and Venezuelan arepas, for example, bring the flavors of the big wide world to your plate. Smunch has all this - and more!

Surprise with seasonal giveaways

A good event usually includes a few goodies. But keychains and USB sticks have not impressed anyone for a long time. Seasonal gifts look a lot more personal and show that they are not taken from a large cabinet full of standard merchandise. For example, chocolates are always a great idea for Valentine's Day, small confiserie egg baskets are perfect for Easter, candles are popular at Christmas time, and during summertime everyone is happy about an ice cream voucher. You can find more about giveaways and another collection of party ideas in our other blog posts.

Smunch boxes


You see, it's the little things that make the difference - and it's usually amazingly easy to put an individual stamp on your event. Smunch will be happy to assist you as a catering partner at any time or work with you for team events, office lunches or as your virtual canteen. Just get in touch!

Enjoy your event!

The Smunch Team


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