How to Find the Ideal Candidate for Your Open Position

These days, there are just not enough qualified candidates.

Or at least, this is what many recruiters claim.

As a matter of fact, it is taking increasingly longer for companies to fill an open position, as they struggle to find the one candidate that is perfect for the job.

When looking for a new recruit, there are generally two approaches a company might consider: the first is to find someone who is perfect for the role. The second is to find someone who is perfect for the team, and create a fitting role.

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The first option is generally more popular, as in most cases, a certain skill set is required. For example, if you need a qualified backend developer, then that’s what you should look for.

However, new companies (especially startups) often like to use the second approach. When building an entire team from scratch, it’s easier to recruit motivated and smart people and create a role that matches the persona.

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So you need someone to do your PR, but then you found an amazing marketing person instead? Nevermind. You can teach missing skills - but you can never teach personality!

In this post, we will concentrate on the first option though: you are looking to fill a specific position. How to proceed? Where to find candidates? And how do you know if they are as good as they claim to be?



Create a clear job description

The job description should define the tasks of this role very clearly. This way, the candidate knows exactly what is expected. In some cases it helps to also define a persona - an imaginary person that is your dream recruit.

The persona description focuses on interests, hobbies and personality traits, and helps your candidates to identify whether or not they would fit in the team. However, make sure to emphasize that this is an example of an ideal candidate and that everyone is welcome to apply.



Ask your current employees for help

Ask your team whether they know anyone from a previous job who would be a good fit. You could also start a referral program and incentivize successful recommendations.

Your team can also tell you more about what they like best about working at your company. This information can then be used in the “offered benefits” section of the job posting - which you can ask your team to share on social media and LinkedIn.

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Filter the best fits even before the interview

It is very hard to determine whether or not someone is a good fit based solely upon their written application. That’s why here at Smunch, we like to meet as many candidates in person as we can - because even if you unsure about a an applicant, give him or her a chance to present themselves in person. It will definitely help you make a decision!


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Look for great personality traits and test skills

Find an adaptive candidate who is able to grow and change along with the company - and his potential position. If he or she asks good and qualified questions and engages in a fruitful dialogue with you, it is a first sign that the company truly matters to them.

"Train for skills, hire for attitude" - however, this is not always the best approach. Some roles may not be able to move forward without certain skills. In this case, go for testing the "must have" skills, for example by assigning the candidate a small project. It will help both parties to assess the potential and the fit for the role.

Finding a great new team member is never easy - but we’re sure you’ll be successful eventually.

Happy hiring!

The Smunch Team


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