Team-Lunches are a worthy investment

Do you want to motivate and bring your team together? We love life's little pleasures - especially when they're free. We all know this feeling - you order something online and receive an additional little product to try out. This is the same feeling your employees get with free perks at work!

Let's tuck into the reasons why it is worthwhile to surprise your employees with free team-lunches. It is after all a well-placed investment which will pay off quicker than you think.

Our society celebrates occasions, which are great excuses to eat together - such as a dinner for a certain day of the year or a birthday brunch. We don't really know why - it just feels right. Have you ever celebrated something by going for a jog through the woods? Yeah, we haven't either.


A Team Lunch makes you happy!

  • An office-lunch is better than self-catering!


A rise in productivity usually means a rise in overall revenue. Did you know for example, that 60% of employees eat quickly at their desk? This is not a good thing. Many employees wrongly believe that they can only be successful by working tirelessly around the clock and burrowing themselves behind their desk, taking on every task at all times.

After all, the feared burnout syndrome is something you want to avoid: Overworked employees who rarely leave their desk regularly suffer from stress and exhaustion - their work productivity takes a big hit from this. Team-Lunches are therefore mind-cleaning breaks and boost the energy of your staff.

This is even backed up by studies!

According to a study by the Tork company, 74% of all respondents who take a lunch-break on a daily-basis found that their employer exceeded all expectations. 90% responded that a good lunch-break revitalized their energy once they got back to work.

Office lunches are also very beneficial on various levels. A good lunch-break raises productivity as you can solve a task much more efficiently with a clear mind. You've probably at one point at least hit the wall after staring at a task for hours - but upon coming back after a brief change of scenery, you are hit with new ideas in a fresh creativity burst. This is what a lunch-break does. 
A lunch-break tempts more creativity!


  • Communal team-lunches bring your company together!


Have you ever considered how important it is to keep your employees happy? This has a huge influence on your overall revenue. According to Officevibe, companies in which there is a lot of team cohesion experience 20% more sales!

On top of this, 80% of employees would actually be prepared to work longer for sympathetic and generous employers, whilst 70% would like to spend more time with their managers.
The benefits are therefore clear to see!
Lunches together as a team are also a great opportunity for managers and employees-alike to properly get to know each other. This is something which we have mentioned in a previous blog post - team-lunches can turn your colleagues into friends, increasing team cohesion.
Frightening statistics point to consequences for your company if your staff aren't mentally onboard. Officevibe also note that 51% of unsatisfied employees want to leave their company.
Communal lunches bring the team together
  • Free Team-Lunches are already the choice of big players


Large companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter offer their employees free lunches already. But why so? They're keeping the motives behind this a secret - although our previously outlined benefits could provide an answer ;) 

Frank Bosco, an Assistant Professor for Management at the Commonwelath University of Virginia elaborates this:

"Is Google successful, because they offer all kinds of benefits that motivate their employees? Or do they offer free food because they have been so successful? 

After all, such companies need to best and the most motivated workforce. They of course need the right fuel to work as efficiently and quickly as possible.

When the most successful and famous companies already do this, maybe you could also take a leaf out of their book for your company.


Big social media companies are lunch fans

  • How exactly do you benefit as an employer?


Your company benefits from healthy and relaxed colleagues.

How? The answer is simple: Team-lunches save you stress - you don't need to walk around the block to buy a snack. Instead, teams can eat together, making lunches all the more pleasant - improving communication as a result.

Here's where you save: On average, a German employee spends 7,30 on lunch. In the long run, the total amount spent on lunch can be terrifying. 


Here is the solution: Team-Lunches make this issue a thing of the past. Specialized services such as Smunch ensure that this can be taken care of cost-efficiently and easily. The food is prepared in restaurants with carefully selected restaurant partners. Great food at great prices - sounds like a win-win!


Smunch is a cost-effective solution for your team-lunches

  • Healthy food is the way forward! 


There is another reason into why healthy team-lunches are so popular.

91% of Germans would welcome it if schools were to educate children about a healthy diet and the importance of good ingredients. Healthy food can therefore become more popular for the next generation.

People want good food - and it is easy to give it to them.


  • Still think there's a catch?


Many companies believe that employees should be motivated due to them liking their job - and not the food. Because of this, they decide against free preparation of meals and snacks.

However, they have been misled. Greg Bustin, Author of "Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture" explains why:

"It is probably the case that these employee benefits are viewed as superficial, and not the fundamental issues of trust, honesty, respect and performance. When a company culture is healthy however, these benefits can raise productivity and sustain team cohesion. 

With this in mind, we wish you a happy team-lunch!

Your Smunch Team


A well-used lunch can make you happy


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