Take Your Office Summer Party to a Whole New Level

Summer is just around the corner, and if you live in Germany, this means it’s almost time to see the developer get super drunk at the company summer party. Despite the crazy hangover after the event, we still love the change from daily office life. Apart from the Christmas do, it’s the only time we get to celebrate our company highs and lows as a team, collectively.


 For those of you who don’t know what a summer party is (because you live under a rock?) it’s an office party organised by the company as a token of appreciation and a way of celebrating team successes and failures. It is also a preferred way of encouraging employees to get to know each other and an excuse to eat well and have the day off, basically.

Summer parties are a tradition here in Germany, but understandably organizing them takes time, effort and money. Here are our founder’s tips on how to roll out a simple kick-ass party that any company can organize regardless of size and budget:


1) Eliminate the tipsy embarrassments!

Usually the company organizes and offers food and drinks through catering, or everyone will go to a restaurant for either lunch or dinner. Which, let’s face it, costs a little fortune and is complicated. Also, people are more likely to drink one too many in the evening… meaning more expenses. Instead, plan a party over lunch time and order Smunch! This way, you give employees the freedom to choose from a variety of dishes with just one click and food arrives at lunch time and directly at the office. So that’s that sorted - at a really competitive price.

“Smunch can let you have that summer party feeling in your office, everyday” - Shivram (Co-Founder of Smunch)
Smunch Catering

2) Play it again, Sam!

For most parties, the company arranges for a DJ or a music system, or books a club for an after party. This again is costly and needs planning, negotiation and bargaining - and you might still end up listening to the umpteenth repetition of “Dancing Queen”. Instead, use technology and be your own DJ: Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes have given you the golden key to control music like any pro. Even better, you can ask each employee to nominate their top songs and build a cool playlist to make everyone happy (till someone plays Bieber)!



3) Freebies your team will love!

Tradition has it that the employer would give gifts or have some sort of giveaways prepared for the team. But those require creativity and time to plan, and are challenging to customize. Alternatively give your team vouchers to an online shop, app or a few free team lunches from Smunch. After all, according to a company survey conducted by one of our clients, food perks are one of the employees’ most demanded benefit!

“Any gesture to show employees appreciation is great, but a gesture that is also useful is the best!” — Ayah (Former Marketing Manager at Smunch)


4) No dress code is the worst dress code!

In most cases, the company allows the employees to come to the party in whatever outfits they choose. That’s nice. And also boring! Instead, make it a themed party and encourage everyone to get creative. Our favorites are space and galactic dress parties… may the food be with you, young Smunchie! So with four very easy steps, you can set up a company party that is customised, simple, cool and completely outsourced with a very reasonable investment. Which means that you don’t have any excuses now: dig out that costume, turn up the volume and have a blast with your team!



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Happy celebrating,

The Smunch Team


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