Lunch Ideas for Work | Part III: 4 Practices for a Good Lunch Break

Not only is the food important at lunch, but also the whole experience itself. Studies suggest that a relaxed and efficiently-used lunch break actually increases productivity into the afternoon.

You should look into making the most of the window and dedicate some time to lunch to unwind and relax.

In this post, we will present a few ideas and practices to make the most of your lunch break.


Smunch food at work can bring your team together


  • Shared team lunches!

Life is better together and this is stands strong with lunches - they are a great opportunity to meet new friends and solidify friendships at work. Shared team lunches strengthen cohesion within the office, which is certainly beneficial for employee- and employer alike.

Many offices these days are plagued with lonely members of staff who spend their lunches at their desk with a ham sandwich, some sweets and a coke. We at Smunch think this is a shame, for we are convinced that lunches should bring offices together with good food.


  • A wonder around the block

The feeling of coming back to your desk feeling bloated and heavy after lunch is never a lot of fun. Although lunch is a great thing, eating too much of it can weigh you down and make you feel sluggish going into the afternoon.

A bit of movement is great for digestion!

This is where a small stroll around the block comes into its own - a small amount of exercise is great for digestion and waking you up.

Why so?

A walk will trigger the release of naturally produced endorphins - a light version of the feeling you get when you come back from a run. In addition, why not go for a stroll together as a team - it makes sense to be social whilst stretching your legs.


A post lunch break stroll is good for digestion


  • Order lunch online instead of queuing up

As mentioned in the first blog post, it is well worth saving time by getting your lunch delivered directly to your office. This prospect is even more poignant if your office is in the middle of nowhere - or more than five minutes away from the nearest fast-food stand.

The frustration of spending most of your lunch queuing, only to be given some overpriced and unhealthy soggy fries is real.

Fear not, for there is another option available: You and your team can easily get fresh and healthy meals delivered directly to your office - helping you skip the line. With Smunch, your lunch can easily be personalized too.

  • Mindfulness: Release and avoid tension

If you would rather spend some time alone then that is also fine. After all, the working day is packed with deadlines and pressure. There is therefore little wonder that we may become irritable.

Stay relaxed at work!

Meditation is a powerful tool to relieve potential upset. It is important to unwind sometimes and be mindful of your surroundings as well as yourself. Find yourself a comfortable and peaceful place where you can switch off. Ten minutes will do to be able to focus on nothing at all. If you haven’t tried it before, it may be worth giving it a go - the results are surprising!


Sometimes we need to meditate during lunch to drop down a gear



Summary: Enjoy simple and healthy team lunches instead of a sandwich at your desk

Of course there is no recipe for the perfect lunch break. Nevertheless, you have the power to push it in that direction at least. The lunch break itself plays a crucial role in your working day and has the power to influence you and your team’s mindset. Combined with an active and social atmosphere, a well-used lunch break can define your whole day and sense of well-being. Enjoy lunch smart!


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