Job Interviews as an Employer: 5 Tips to Convince the Candidate

Interviews aren’t only somewhat nerve-wracking for the candidate - they are also tricky for the interviewer themselves. Nowadays, it is often the case that employers make contact with potential candidates rather than the other way around. Candidates are therefore spoilt for choice and recruiters need to up their game to make a convincing first impression. In this blog post, we lay out 5 tips to convince your potential candidates and hopefully edge them closer in turning them into employees for your company.


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Tip 1: Present an exciting and dynamic role

When a recruiter only has an uninteresting role on offer, it acts somewhat as an Achilles Heel. They must therefore ensure in advance that the position actually has something to offer. A well-rounded position acts as a foundation for a polished and concrete job description. With this, you have a strong tool on your side. This makes your life as a recruiter much easier as the candidate is more likely to be won over.


Of course we are also aware that not every role is particularly attractive. It can in many cases prove tempting to stray from the truth and highlight the role in a more interesting (albeit ungenuine) light. This seems to be the easiest solution and many companies nowadays make up various benefits don’t even exist. This trap is something you as a recruiter should avoid - honesty is something the candidate will appreciate much more in the long run. After all, being honest makes up the base of healthy relationships at work.




Tip 2: Come across as legitimate and believable

Even when you know yourself that your company is legitimate, this isn’t necessarily the case for your candidate. This tends to be more the case with new and small companies and some candidates could even doubt whether you are genuine. Therefore, you need a well-rounded profile and you should have a social media presence - especially on LinkedIn. In addition, it is of course always an advantage for your company to rank highly in the first Google search results page.


On top of this, good reviews on Kununu and Glassdoor make an impact. Positive feedback on famous portals are good for your credibility and they prove particularly attractive for potential candidates. However, this isn’t an excuse to leave fake positive reviews. This is an unfortunate scenario that is all too common among employers these days and many employees feel they have been misled. No-one wants to work for such an employer.


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Tip 3: Invite the candidate for a coffee

There is a trend nowadays, whereby job interviews are of a more laid-back approach as interviewers sometimes invite candidates out for coffee. Through this, both parties tend to act more natural compared to a standard interview format and there is perceived less pressure on both sides - like a conversation among friends.


A job interview in this style is popular among many interviewees and it is also a symbol of what your company stands for. It also shows that you genuinely care about the candidate and that their time is worthwhile. This allows you to come across ever more convincingly. In addition, you also want to make the impression that this personal freedom is also commonplace within your company.


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Tip 4: Remain professional

There is no denying that an interview over a coffee has become trendy - and with good reason too. However, you should remain professional and still make the impression that a position with responsibility is at stake. It is surprising to see how many interviewees are deterred by the casual and sometimes arrogant nature of the interviewer. To avoid this, you should keep in mind to not come across as too casual. The best companies are those, which find the balance between professionalism and respect for the colleague. You should correspondingly incorporate this into your approach.


Tip 5: Avoid background noise with phone interviews

If you were to conduct a phone interview, you should find a quiet place to ensure a peaceful and undisturbed environment. Loud background noises are distracting for both parties and you don’t want the candidate to assume that your office is chaotic. Phone interviews should therefore be held away from your desk. A quiet environment allows good communication to be passed both ways and it is easier to make a good impression.


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Summary: Come across as professional, open and honest

Fundamentally, a candidate can and should accept a position that is best-suited to them. There is no point winning over someone for your company who is not a good fit for the role.


During the job interview, aim to find a good balance between professionalism and respect. You should also maintain a sense of honesty and be genuine regarding the position and company-alike. No job is a product that is to be sold - despite many companies doing so. Dedicate time and respect to the candidate to ensure that you are both right for each other.

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