Lunches Ideas for Work | Part II: Select the Right Ingredients!

In the previous blog post, we mentioned a few lunch ideas and habits, which you generally would be better off avoiding. In this part, we delve into the opposite and name some lunch tips and ideas for a healthy lunch experience. A healthy balanced diet is particularly important for everyone and you shouldn’t underestimate this at work. We feel you deserve more than a humble piece of toast and a packet of crisps at your desk.


Balanced Diet Better

A balanced diet

Firstly, your lunch should be healthy and supply you with nutrition. We prefer easy lunch recipes, which consist of a well-balanced combination of food groups: Ideally, a third of starchy or fiber-rich complex carbohydrates, a third of protein and a third of fruit and vegetables. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry if you don’t uphold these values to the letter everyday - the percentages are allowed to fluctuate somewhat.


Examples of complex carbohydrates: (With a wholemeal theme, of course ;) )

  • Wholemeal ingredients: Brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholemeal tortillas and wholemeal pasta
  • Sweet potato, potato with the skin left on
  • Quinoa, lentils, falafel (chickpeas also fit in here well)




Starchy and fiber-rich carbohydrates are not only good for making you feel full - they also allow energy to be released gradually, as we have mentioned in the previous blog post. Nowadays, you will see thousands of trendy low-carb or no-carb recipes online and many swear by carbohydrates being the devil. Although you should be wary of sugary carbohydrates, complex carbs are still regarded as the most important source of energy, from which you can get the energy you need to withstand the afternoon.


Recommendations of protein-rich ingredients

  • Chicken or turkey breast, lamb, beef
  • Fish - tuna, salmon, cod (without the batter), shrimp
  • Eggs - boiled, scrambled (without too much butter), poached (the most healthy option)
  • Beans - kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans, soya beans, peanuts
  • Greek yoghurt, cheese (feta, sheep cheese)




Protein-rich ingredients have become particularly trendy these days and are rather popular among fitness freaks. The Internet has become littered with call-to-actions such as “Buy the new protein shake 3000!” and some even live by protein shakes alone. Although some may certainly be overdoing it, a strong protein intake is crucial for a balanced diet. Protein acts as a foundation to support our cells, hormones, muscles and bones. Therefore, this beneficial food group should not be left out either.


Fruit and vegetables

  • Salads - tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, avocados
  • Mixed vegetables - peas, carrots, sweetcorn, green beans
  • Fermented vegetables - kimchi, pickles fermented cabbage (good for releasing serotonin)
  • Cabbage - red cabbage, kale
  • Onions - garlic, spring onions



It goes without saying that fruit and vegetables should also be included as part of your lunch. This group provides you with a sufficient amount of essentials vitamins as well as fiber. This allows you to remain healthy and to keep sickness at bay. Who can ever forget the ever relevant term, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.


The foundations of every meal: From ingredients to lunch recipes

These ingredients make up the foundations of healthy and exciting lunches. A healthy balance between these food groups is beneficial on various levels - you get enough energy, fulfill your nutritional requirements as well as the high amount of essential vitamins your body needs.


Strawberry Eyes

In addition, there are thousands of lunch recipes online and it is easy to feel lost when deciding what to cook or order. Luckily, we at Smunch have many great partner restaurants who focus on creating unique recipes with the above mentioned ingredients. The option to bring something to work from the previous evening persists nonetheless as well as spending a premium at a nearby restaurant. However, fresh food is always more tasty.


You have the option these days to use the services of an online-canteen for your office and have your lunch delivered directly to the workplace. It makes sense to not only enjoy a balanced and healthy lunch, but also to simultaneously save time and money whilst enjoying lunch with your colleagues. Get inspired by these restaurants for your ideal lunch break. In the next part of this series, discover how to make the most of your lunch hour with four simple practices.

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