Name: Heidi Kärkkäinen

Position: Online Marketing Manager

At Smunch since: 1st March 2019

Favorite Smunch Food: So far, the Vegan Tofu & Mushroom Bowl (Good Bank)



Heidi (For Blog)
Heidi Kärkkäinen


Why did you apply for Smunch at the time?

Because the job description fit with mostly all of my qualifications and because I have always wanted to work with something related to food - I am a serious foodie! Good, healthy food is something I can totally market with good consciousness, which was an important factor in deciding that Smunch would be a good place to work. The timing was also perfect as I was looking for a new job at the time.


Tell us about how you started at Smunch. How were your first weeks?

Everybody has been so friendly, it is so nice! People are really open for questions, new ideas and also willing to give advice. I have already learned a lot from others and have also been able to express my ideas beyond campaign management to website content and even how some pages on the website look like and function. I have also started to order more and more from the lunch program, which of course is not a surprise if one takes a look at the choice. There is mostly something intriguing on offer! And the weekly team breakfasts as well as the snacks - luckily I train a lot. 😉


Do you miss anything from previous job in particular?

I miss some of my ex-colleagues as I had become good friends with them. But oh well, I can meet them still outside of work and now is my chance to make new friends at Smunch!


Heidi's favorite Smunch


Do you have the feeling that your work is being valued?

I totally do. We did not have a real online marketing campaign manager to take care of the new leads department and as we want to grow, I don’t see my tasks diminishing any time soon! In addition, I feel I can also help other people in the marketing department and that I have opportunities beyond my direct operational campaign tasks. Therefore, I think I can help the company reach more potential customers and grow the brand awareness in multiple ways.


Do you have the impression that you have developed personally since you joined Smunch?

Yes, I have. I have already received a lot of advice and support to certain elements which I have done in the past, but did not really know how “well” I did them. And now I have people around me who have experience in those things and can then teach me a lot. Alongside this, I am of course learning more about the world of B2B business.


What has been your biggest challenge here so far?

To not get too stuck in my own head, or about the little details, and to get used to the working culture at Smunch. It is (all in a positive sense) a bit different than what I’ve previously had. 


Heidi Minion 
Heidi bakes in her spare time and once made this for her friend


What gets you up for work every morning - no matter how comfy your bed is?

The possibility to make a direct impact, to learn a lot more about how to do online marketing effectively (in a B2B setting), to stretch my creative & strategic muscle, to fulfil a lot of social needs, and to eat great lunches!


What was the funniest moment you have experienced here? Or is there a funny anecdote that you would like to share?

Trying to convince my boss that it is totally legit to eat Nutella straight from the jar with a spoon…


How are you experiencing the company culture at Smunch?

I am a bit of an introvert at first sight but as people are so open and nice here it also makes me want to open up even more. This also stands strong all the way to the top management level. For example, the CEO has a weekly Open Hour where he sits in the lunch-room and everybody can come to him with questions and whatnot. That tells a lot, because the top-level people have a lot of impact on the culture.


Heidi Trophy
Heidi is part of a competitive dance group


Imagine you could buy a certain something for Smunch (no matter the price). What would you choose?

Electric tables (at least a few) as I would like to stand a bit more during my working hours.


How do you imagine the future of Smunch? / In what direction do you think the company will develop?

I am sure we will keep on growing regarding the cities we operate in, and of course the amount of employees we have. I am sure there is a lot of potential for us in terms of companies wanting to use our services, and in the terms of the products we offer!


When you aren’t making teams happy and helping to provide tasty food, what else do you like to do?

I love to dance and exercise in general! I am for example part of a dance group who trains for competitions, like to go running or do some muscle training at home. And to offset all the training and healthy food I also love to bake. The more outrageous and over-the-top, the better.


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