Meet the Team: Elif Adali, Team Lead Finance!



Name: Elif Adali

Position: Team Lead Finance

Been with Smunch since: January 2018

Favorite Smunch meal: Salad with Fajita Veggies (from Chupenga)


Elif Adali
Elif Adali


What made you decide to apply for a job at Smunch?

After six years with a bank that had 20k employees I was looking for a fresh and young company - the smaller, the better :) Then I saw the job posting by Smunch and I was instantly curious. 

Tell us the story about your start at the company. What were the first weeks like?

Everything happened very quickly. I was working on my own from Day 1 and had to find my way around. This allowed me to learn a lot within a short time.

Anything you miss about your previous job(s)?

The gym in the office building. But instead we have tons of sweets here :)

Do you feel like your job/position matters and is appreciated?

Yes, definitely. At Smunch, all employees are given a lot of responsibility and the work is always appreciated and rewarded.

cat happy
Cat-mom Elif enjoys, among other things, sweet treats as rewards :)

Do you feel like you’ve grown since you started working at Smunch?

I used to think that with seven years’ work experience I should know a lot, but a year in a fast-growing startup has taught me at least twice as much. At Smunch I have the opportunity to see how a business is built from scratch - something no big company can offer you.

What has been your biggest challenge here so far?

There are new tasks and projects every day that I have no idea how to tackle. But thanks to my incredibly helpful colleagues, I have mastered every one of them so far.

What about your job makes you want to get up every morning - no matter how cozy your bed is?

My team and the delicious Smunch that awaits me for lunch every day.


Chupenga Salad
Elif's favorite Smunch

What was the funniest moment you had here? Or do you have an anecdote you’d like to share?

What happens at Smunch stays at Smunch :) But there is one thing I can tell you: We have a lot of fun every day and are laughing a lot.

How are you experiencing the company culture at Smunch?

I feel like we are all working towards the same goal and everyone is trying to help the others. Even though we are almost 100 Smunchies already it still feels like one big family.

Imagine you could buy one thing for Smunch (no matter the price). What would you go for?

A big villa in Capetown, which we could use as a summer office whenever Berlin gets too cold.

What's one thing you wish you knew before you started working here?

Actually I knew everything right after the first interview. Even the founders didn’t know more at that stage.

How do you picture Smunch’s future? / Where do you think the company is headed?

The development over the past year has been incredible. We were twelve people when I started and we’re growing so fast. I firmly believe that Smunch will soon improve lunch breaks in even more offices, and that we have a great potential on an international basis. I’m really excited and looking forward to being a part of this journey.


Not to be underestimated: Smunch has achieved some significant milestones 

Besides contributing to happy teams and their healthy lunches, what do you enjoy in your free time?

Every minute of my spare time is spent travelling. When I am not on the road I am writing about it in my blog, Out Of Office (, or I am researching my next travel destination.

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