Meet the Team: Marine Vinsonneau, Head of Analytics



Name: Marine Vinsonneau

Position: Head of Analytics

Been with Smunch since: March 2018

Favorite Smunch meal: Chicken Arepa (from Kärrecho)



Marine Vinsonneau

What made you decide to apply for a job at Smunch?

The small structure and the huge potential for growth for Smunch, on top of very exciting projects the team had planned for 2018 and after!

Tell us the story about your start at the company. What were the first weeks like?

With a full roadmap 😊 I took my time to understand the company and organize our BI plan and got started!

Anything you miss about your previous job(s)?

That’s a weird question to me – every new job has its own adventure and like boyfriends, sometimes it’s best not to compare

Do you feel like your job/position matters and is appreciated?

I think people are always happy to receive some data!

Do you feel like you’ve grown since you started working at Smunch?

Definitely - I try to grow at the same scale as the company 🚀


This is what Marine's job is all about :)

What has been your biggest challenge here so far?

To keep up with the company changes! It grows fast and evolves a lot, and the Analytics team always needs to be on top of things with data. Still, we need to find the right balance between insightful analysis and keeping up with a healthy data warehouse!

What about your job makes you want to get up every morning - no matter how cozy your bed is?

Wednesday Breakfast, Thursday Team Lunch and Friday Beers. That leaves Monday, and well… Monday. And Tuesday to work a bit!

What was the funniest moment you had here? Or do you have an anecdote you’d like to share?

I remember a great TGIF with my favorite beer: the CHOUFFE (amazing Belgian beer that will make you have a great party). Well the night was fun.. and you will know the anecdotes if you come work with us 😊


chouffeSource: Belgium Beer Tourism
La Chouffe beer: Producing funny anecdotes since... bah, who cares

How are you experiencing the company culture at Smunch?

I think we are in an interesting phase of finding ourselves, defining our core values to represent us best. Being French, that’s something I have always done, but we do talk a lot about food!

Imagine you could buy one thing for Smunch (no matter the price). What would you go for?

A Segway for the soon-to-be office!

What's one thing you wish you knew before you started working here?

Not much, I like surprises.

How do you picture Smunch’s future? / Where do you think the company is headed?

We will see, but I think we can make Smunch a reference when it comes to serving lunch food to hungry people like us. We will expand and build a great brand, we will see then!


growthSource: Speakers Corner
Marine's plan for the future :)


Besides contributing to happy teams and their healthy lunches, what do you enjoy in your free time?

My boyfriend and my 2 cats! I also try to go horse riding when I can, and I always enjoy a dinner, going to a bar or [a night out at the Berlin club] Sisyphos 😊

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