Name: Nabil Farhati

Position: Sales Manager

At Smunch since: 17th December 2018

Favourite Smunch Food: Grilled Köfte with Mac n Cheese Ball (Diggi Smalls)


Capture of Nabil!
Nabil Farhati


Why did you apply for Smunch at the time?

I absolutely wanted to work in the Startup scene. I have many friends who work in this scene and I was always a little jealous of their cool jobs, offices and teams. It was also important for me to join a company where I am more than just a spare part. I wanted to join a real team in which I could speak to everyone on the same level as well as a team in which ideas and constructive criticism are taken onboard.


Tell us about how you started at Smunch. How were your first weeks?

I have only been at Smunch for eight weeks - but I feel like I have been part of the team for years. It is really nice to work together with people, with whom you can easily grab a beer with afterwards.


Do you miss anything from previous job in particular?

It's hard not to miss former colleagues - saying that however, I am a lot happier at Smunch purely because of the job. I feel am part of the "Smunch Family" due to flat hierarchy and open communication at Smunch. Therefore, I don't particularly miss my old job.


Nabils Lieblings Smunch
Nabil's favourite Smunch


Do you have the feeling that your work is being valued?

Definitely! The word “Team” is certainly emphasized at Smunch and as all challenges are conquered together - successes, i.e. good performances are equally valued and celebrated by the team.


Do you have the impression that you have developed personally since you joined Smunch?

I develop myself everyday. A hands-on mentality at Smunch isn’t banal - it is required daily. Through this, we have new and exciting tasks on a daily basis and we need to correspondingly grow somewhat to overcome these tasks.


What gets you up for work every morning - no matter how comfy your bed is?

The team, the enjoyment of dealing with (potential) clients and my colleagues. Knowing that a tasty Smunch awaits me every lunch is also a nice touch.


What was the funniest moment you have experienced here? Or is there a funny anecdote that you would like to share?

The Döner shop after the Christmas party. Those who want to know the whole story will need to start at Smunch: Then I will happily tell the rest ;)


Pool Party Frog Wide
Nabil would be pleased to see Smunch Pool Parties


Imagine you could buy a certain something for Smunch (no matter the price). What would you choose?

Eeeeh, good question. Everything you need is made available here. That’s why I’ll just say a swimming pool here - I think that Smunch Pool parties would undoubtedly be a lot of fun.


What would you like to have known before you started here?

To be honest, all information was already provided. The Job and the team are exactly what I had hoped for.


How do you imagine the future of Smunch? / In what direction do you think the company will develop?

I think that Smunch will achieve great things. The form and manner remain to be seen, but I am confident that we will become even more successful and grow even larger.


Comedy Woman Wide
Nabil is a keen Stand Up Comedy fan and is currently planning his own routine


When you aren’t making teams happy and helping to provide tasty food, what else do you like to do?

I enjoy reading a lot. I love stand-up comedy and am currently working on my first own routine. I like to travel often with my girlfriend and also enjoy Hamburg a lot with all of the benefits that life in the city involves.


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