6 Tips For Your Office Xmas Party Catering

‘Tis the season to… throw a party for your team! And if you haven’t done so yet, it’s about time you started planning your company’s Christmas do.*

The two main things to consider are “Where to do it?” and “What to eat?”. There is an easy solution for both. It’s easiest to do it at your own office and regarding the food, leave it to a pro.


santa hats


Hiring a caterer will take tons of workload off your shoulders. Some companies enjoy making tacos together or roasting marshmallows over a fire, but really, that is so much hassle. By outsourcing the food matter you can ensure that your party will be professional and well-organized. Also, you will need a lot less space than if you prepared food on site.

Here are some more tips to make sure you will enter the Office Party Organizer’s Hall of Fame.


1.  Book, plan and announce early

Yes, November is almost over and you’re probably sighing, scratching your head nervously and saying, “Ye-hes, I knoooow!” in slight despair. Not to worry.

It mostly helps to plan ahead, as this ensures most people can save the date and you can still find a caterer that can squeeze you in. Having said that, we’d also like to point out that some services can be booked at short notice. Like Smunch.


ho ho ho


2.  Be flexible

A lot of services, such as photo booths, karaoke, etc., are often booked out on Fridays and Saturdays - especially during the holiday season. So be smart and be flexible, and choose a weeknight if you can.


3.  Know them people

One big struggle of organizing catering is covering all needs. Make sure you take into account all allergies (such as nuts), preferences (like vegan), intolerances (think lactose) and religions (with halal, kosher, etc.) so that every colleague can truly enjoy the evening.


4.  Consider a dress (up) code

Why? Because it’s so much fun! Ask people for red-and-green outfits, make Santa hats mandatory - you name it! You’ll have a blast!


xmas outfit


5.  Decoration

It’s Christmas. There is no such thing as “going overboard” during the holiday season, so throw that tinsel everywhere! And don’t forget fairy lights, tablecloths and napkins.


6.  Do it at the office


“Why would I stay at the work place?”, you ask? Because it’s so much easier. Seriously.

  • No battles with traffic

    Because, hey, everyone is already there! And do you really want to force an extra commute on them?

  • People feel comfortable there

    They know the place, like, where the toilets are and so on. So they will find it easy to mingle and talk.

  • Create a positive experience linked to the place

    Normally, when people think of the office, they think of work, stress and busy days. Give them a nice memory linked to the place to create a more positive connotation.
  • More people will attend

    Because they’re already there anyways, so can’t hurt to stay for a beer.

christmas cheers


  • It’s more affordableNo transport cost, no venue hire, etc.

  • It’s more flexible

    You can reschedule whenever if necessary - your office is always available.

  • It saves you time

    With one less thing to organize, you’ll save tons of time - as do your colleagues, who can make the most of that day and work until right before the party.

christmas desk


  • Invite families

    By asking families (or just plus ones) to come along, you make the event inclusive and you give them a chance to check out the office. It’s nice to see where your dearly beloved spends every day, right?


As you can see, there is a lot to remember, but it’s not rocket science. Which means there is no excuse not to have a blast with Sales and a dance with the secretary this holiday season.


Eat, smunch and be merry!

Happy Holiday Season from all of us at
The Smunch Team



*And even if you have, check our list to make sure you didn’t forget anything or to get some extra inspiration. :)


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