Food’s good as long as it tastes good, right? It’s not quite that simple.

Surely, the taste of drinks and snacks depends on the ingredients and your personal preferences. But there is one more thing that makes it universally better still! And that’s ethical consumption! What do we mean by that? Simply that everything tastes better if you can consume it with a clear conscience. The icing on the cake (literally) is certainly the knowledge that your purchase not only benefits you but also someone else.




Especially in times of crisis, we all need to support each other even more.  That’s why we want to take the time to highlight our Smunch partners, who commit large parts of their company’s goals to community engagement.

Get a look behind the scenes of providers like Share, Charitea, Fritzkola and CommunityCola and find out how they contribute to making the world a little better below!


chariteaSource: Charitea

Charitea - It’s in the name

From the beginning stages, advocacy has been Charitea’s priority. Through a variety of methods, this provider contributes to make the world a little more equal and fair. That begins with the production of their drinks. The basis of all their drinks are ecologically grown ingredients that abide by Fairtraide guidelines. That means that the farmers get paid a fair wage and ensures them a humane life rather than the economic exploitation that unfortunately is part of many food productions.


lemonaidLemonaid Partner - Agricultural School in San Juan  Charitea  © Kevin McAlvaney 2016


To counteract inequality further, they founded Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V. in 2010. Their non-profit organization supports disadvantages groups and makes long-term partnerships with projects in regions of poverty. Training facilities with an economic focus have become their primary supported partners. As a result, the funding will ensure a sustainable income in Asia, Africa and South America through education.

So not only do you buy sustainably sourced and brewed Iced Tea, but you now know what else you’re actually supporting when you buy Charitea products.


helpingSource: CommunityCola


Supporting social project, where the drinks are had!

This motto of locality is upheld by companies like CommunityCola and Fritz Kola. The German providers especially support statewide initiatives, to give back to their immediate community.

Your purchase of a crate of CommunityCola not only will directly give money to a good cause, you even get to choose which! How? It’s one click away, as anyone can go on their website and vote which local project for either Hamburg or Berlin you want your money to go to. Each initiative shortly gets introduced by them, for example one supporting refugees or projects against right wing propaganda. CommunityCola also uses fairly sourced ingredients like real kola nut and vanilla for all their drinks, making production more ethical.


Blog (79)Source: CommunityCola


Similar projects get supported by Fritz-Kola as well. “Glass bottles only” is what they stand for and their bottles not only promote sustainability but remind people not to throw them in the trash with the sticker “Pfand gehört daneben”. This not only helps the environment but also helps the underprivileged, who no longer have to look in the trash for it. Fritz-Kola also financially supports projects for the homeless.

Additionally, they have a long-term partnership with Elbe-Werkstätten. The later is the largest employer statewide of people with disabilities and beside funding, Fritz-Kola helps by employing some of these workers for their promotional jobs.


Fritz KolaSource: Fritz-Kola

Drinking for a good cause! And what about snacking?

1 + 1 = Sharing for a better world

Sharing really is caring. With every purchase of a Share product, you not only do something nice and tasty for yourself, but equally for someone else. One product of theirs - from cereal bars to hygiene products and water - helps one person in need. Their goal: to make consumption social!



The money directly goes into social initiatives, be it local like the Berliner Tafel e.V. or global like the Welthungerhilfe. By April 2020, their ‘share practice’ has already led to 7 million food portions, 16 million days of drinking water and 4 million soaps being donated just with the sale of the products.

In all their operations, Share emphasizes transparency. What stands out is that besides transparency around their funding partners, they disclose the exact composition of each of their products. With the code on the packaging, you can check on the website where every single ingredient of e.g. the cereal bar has been sourced from. That way you know where precisely your money is going, what you’re actually purchasing and what you put into your body.

Ecological and social equality is also implemented in their operations, as from the beginning, Share has worked with the disability workshop Mosaik. They also strongly advocate for fair wages within all levels of workers, especially for the often underpaid delivery personal.


donationSource: Share


Unfortunately, this is just a small peak into what these wonderful producers do to support social causes. We at Smunch also know how important ethical consumption is. That’s why we have made a point of working with these providers and offer their snacks and drinks beside our local restaurant dishes. But we also do our part! Find out how Smunch helps initiatives like “Kochen für Helden” and how we try to compensate for our CO² emissions through “Karbonauten” through our website.

We hope you can enjoy you snacks, drinks and lunches EVEN MORE now,
Your Smunch Team


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