Team Lunch - The Perk that Really Makes a Difference

Employee perks are becoming more important every day. High-profile tech startups such as Google or Facebook are already offering their teams a sheer endless list of benefits, in some cases including (but not limited to) in-house chefs who prepare food all day long, babysitters, drivers, a variety of insurances and massages - all for free.

Needless to say, most companies cannot even consider, let alone budget, all of this. However, some things are easily organized and rather affordable. Here at Smunch, we enjoy weekly team lunches. And we chose this perk for many reasons.



Relieving stress and boosting health

Human brains are not cut out for marathons. Back in primeval times, the hunting and gathering only took a few hours, and afterwards, the brain could relax. Not much has changed today - we still need a break every few hours to be able to maintain a high level of concentration.

Make sure your team takes a proper break, as this will help them feel less stressed. In the long run, healthy food and a relaxed environment will keep their immune system strong - and their minds happy!


Encouraging drive and performance

Rewards boost motivation. A team lunch is a great way of making your team feel appreciated. Honor their hard work by providing this fun occasion, and consider adding more perks if certain goals are achieved.

What is more, studies show that teams who eat together perform better thanks to improved communication and increased motivation - learn more about this on our blog!

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Improving communication and bonding

Have you ever felt that you are more inclined to approach someone you’ve met before as opposed to a stranger? The same goes for your team. So to maximize teamwork and cooperation, create a platform where all departments can meet and interact - regardless of age, experience and rank.


Good investment, great reward

If you’re unsure it’s worth the money, remember to consider team lunches or regular lunch programs expenditures for employee performance.

Over time, you will see that team lunches are a great tool for increasing your ROI. How? By saving your team the time to go and buy lunch, they will be spending more time at work, generating yield - and much more efficiently, due to higher motivation! 

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Improved employer branding

Be proud of your company culture and celebrate it properly! By inviting your employees along, you will make them feel appreciated and included. As a result, their pride in the company will increase, making them more likely to spread the word about the company.

Good word of mouth, in turn, strengthens your positive external brand image, making your company more attractive to possible new recruits.

Provide them with at least one healthy meal

Garbage in, garbage out - if only junk food goes inside your team, it’s unlikely gold will come out. Hence, if you want to see great results, it pays off to encourage them to eat healthily.

A good way to start is to provide a wholesome team lunch, thus ensuring that at least one good meal is enjoyed. Make sure your employees step away from their screens to enjoy it together, as people who eat while working are too distracted to savor the food properly and to fully benefit from its goodness.

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Team lunches are just one of many ways to motivate, look after and incentivize your staff - find out more about this on our website. Other affordable measures include company-funded gym memberships, contribution to public transport tickets or regular fun events (like a paddling tour or paintball game). If you’re unsure what your team might appreciate most, why not ask them? Create a poll or send out an email asking for input - this way you can be sure to please everyone.

Enjoy your me team time!

The Smunch Team


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