How Team Lunch Improves Your Employer Branding

Employer Branding is what it’s all about these days. As the War for Talent gains intensity, companies are being creative and come up with a huge variety of benefits to offer to their employees. Along with flexitime and home office, a lunch program is among the favorites. But why is it so popular and how can it help you?

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach

Food is a popular way of showing someone your appreciation or affection. Couples will buy each other chocolates on Valentine’s Day, new neighbors are welcomed with a tray of cupcakes and moms cook wholesome food for their children. So why shouldn’t an employer provide food for his staff?

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By offering your team a convenient and enjoyable lunch solution you help them make the most of their breaks. As a result they will feel more appreciated and taken care of, which boosts satisfaction. And if you’re current employees are happy, this encourages possible recruits to apply with your company.

Celebrate and you will be celebrated

Be proud of your company culture and celebrate it properly! By inviting your employees along you will make them feel included. As a result, their pride in the company will increase, making them more likely to spread the word about the employer. Because if you really think your workplace rocks, you’d be excited to brag with your job, right?



It is important though that you do it properly. Bringing in a bag of lollies to celebrate a success, the beginning of the weekend or the onboarding of three new colleagues is likely to have the opposite effect: You may come across as stingy and the gesture seems forced. Instead, bring people together over good food, laugh together and share some stories from “back when …” - a priceless addition to dull everyday meetings! It may seem like a big investment at first, but over time it has great returns, as it brings together all departments and makes a huge difference to your team spirit and company culture.

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Food helps teams bond

“Hate the work, love the people.” Have you ever heard someone say this? If the company culture is good, strong and fun, employees are more likely to stick around - even in rough and unpleasant times. Knowing that the company appreciates their loyalty encourages staff to support their employer.

Also, if colleagues have become friends, they are less likely to “let each other down” by leaving in the middle of a difficult patch. Having shared a few meals, coworkers grow together as a team and will support one another.



Benefit from gossip

Tired of chatterboxes? Think again, as they might be your key to successful recruitment. If there is nothing bad to say about your company, then let them gossip away. Good word of mouth strengthens your positive external brand image and makes you more attractive to possible new recruits - and suddenly, the war for talent is no big deal anymore!

As a matter of fact, 45% of all employees claim that the offer of free lunch would make them more likely to choose an employer. Millennials are particularly keen on these kinds of benefits - and they make up one of the largest age groups of employees these days. So let your staff tell everyone about how much fun they have at team lunch!

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We have regular team lunches at Smunch - and we enjoy them every time. Tell us about yours!

Happy eating!

The Smunch Team


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