It’s lunchtime. You find yourself lost in your own world at your desk with an uninspiring sandwich to hand. Does this sound familiar?


Then something isn’t quite right!


Have you ever considered how important the working lunch actually is? Effective and above all communal team lunches benefit you on multiple levels. Of course there is a lot to be getting on with during work considering the many deadlines, ad-hoc tasks and the feeling that something that could go very wrong at any moment.


The team lunch is thus all the more important as it oils the cogs of communication in your company, bringing teams together and supporting the general feeling of wellbeing. So, let’s take a look at the benefits:


Team lunches prevent social awkwardness


  • Benefit one: Team lunches break down social barriers!


We all love good food right? A good working lunch of course tastes better together and is also a great opportunity to properly get to know your employees. It therefore goes a long way when it comes to making new friends at work.


Why should you turn your colleagues into friends?


It is no secret that your communication in the workplace has a direct impact on performance and turnover. We have already named some examples you could carry out in your company in a previous blog post. If you sit down with your employees and enjoy the working lunch together over some good food, it is inevitable that general communication will improve as a result.


Food is something that we all commonly have in our nature. This is exactly why we find it easy to communicate over a meal. To demonstrate, imagine that you are meeting a new person for a meeting or maybe even a date. Do you go to eat or drink something, such as an ice cream or a coffee? We suspect this may be the case - and this principle stands true with your employees.


Flat hierarchies through team lunches


  • Benefit two: Team lunches smooth out hierarchies!


Communal team lunches of course encourage people in a company to get together. Structures and hierarchies are very much in place during work, yet the working lunch brings employees together regardless of their position - suddenly, everyone is in the same boat!


Team lunches improve communication in the workplace!


The working lunch is a great opportunity to have a gander with your colleagues and to relax during the day. Respective positions don’t play a big role here and it is easy to communicate with one another. It would be of course very strange to silently spend the working lunch in the CEO’s office on the first day of work. However, during a communal team lunch, interaction becomes very natural.


Show your appreciation with communal working lunches


  • Example three: Team lunches show your appreciation!


Team lunches connect people. Just like the communal working lunch can help to overcome social barriers in your company, it simultaneously shows that your employees’ efforts are being appreciated. Team lunches are thus great for bringing employer and employee alike together!


Why exactly food as a show of appreciation?


The answer is simple: The communal working lunch acts like a social event! We usually sit together at social occasions and enjoy it over food, such as Christmas, birthdays, Easter …


The same concept is true when it comes to team lunches. We are used to communal meals indicating that a special occasion is upon us. So, reward your employees with team events with good food at the forefront!


Team lunches increase employee motivation


  • Example four: Communal working lunches increase motivation!


Your employees are your company’s vital assets and good things only come about through their efforts. It goes without saying that employees who feel their work isn’t valued are in turn more likely to feel unmotivated - thus increasing the danger that they will seek new opportunities elsewhere.


This is how you can avoid this scenario!


Team lunches during work are indeed special social occasions. Your employees will receive them well and you will continue to benefit from a motivated workforce. Increased motivation often leads to increased performance, revenue and satisfaction at work - communal working lunches get the ball rolling.


Team lunches are not just an occasional quirky benefit you as an employer may offer, but also serve an important purpose. One of the biggest challenges for office managers these days is staff retention - motivation plays a crucial role here.


Smunch brings your team together


How can you excite your employees?


Luckily, there are tasty options available today to increase employee motivation. Many companies today use special services like Smunch, who bring the benefits of the canteen to your office in a modern and digital form.


It has never been so easy to organize a team lunch. It can be summarized in three steps:


  1. With Smunch, every employee can make their selection from the special Smunch lunch menu online
  2. The food is delivered to the office at the same time for the lunch break.
  3. Find a comfortable spot with your colleagues and enjoy a hassle-free lunch!


  • Summary: Team lunches make the difference


Which working atmosphere would you prefer to have in your company: One, in which isolated teams only talk to each other about work? Or one, in which departments personally interact with one another over some good food? This is precisely what team lunches can do for your company. The communal working lunch connects people and is a great social occasion that breathes life into your company.


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