5 Ways (and Over 15 Tips) to Make Your Team Healthier

 A healthy lifestyle and a full-time job are often difficult to combine. Many companies have already made a good-for-you office surrounding an essential part of their employer branding. Have you?

‘Sitting is the new smoking’, ‘We’re all wilting away with our lack of daylight’ - we’re sure you’ve heard all that before. But it’s true: A study by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center found that people who sit most day are 54% more likely to die of a heart attack. Ugh.

So what can you do to make your team fit and healthy?


1. Reduce and improve the time they spend sitting

So sitting is bad. But hey, if it’s a desk job, what can you do? Easy:

  • Reduce sitting time by installing standing desks
  • Do standing meetings. Once you start, you’ll get used to it quickly
  • Start a stretch program where you all loosen those muscles together for a few minutes every day
  • Have an ergonomic expert come to the office to suggest improvements to your furniture, setup and equipment (then make those improvements!)

standing meeting


2. Make sure they move it, move it

Good start. Now people are sitting less! Time to take it one step further and make them move more.

  • Make it easier to include exercise in a normal workday by installing bike racks on your car park and showers in the office or subsidising public transport (at least they’ll have to walk to the bus stop!)
  • Organize groups and events, such as a running group, lunchtime yoga team and charity runs
  • Install a pingpong table in your break room
  • When you do 1:1 meetings with your team members or even meetings in a small group, combine them with a walk (many people will even find it easier to talk openly and honestly when not sitting facing each other)
  • You can even go an extra step and consider offering your team members a free fitness tracker or a gym subsidy




3. Since we’re not communicating by smoke signals: Reduce smoking

We don’t have to tell you that smoking is unhealthy. Help your team to a healthier lifestyle by encouraging them to reduce or quit their smoking habit.


  • Make it easier for them to abstain and implement a smoking ban on your entire premises
  • Subsidize a ‘Quit Smoking’ program




4. Good mood, good work, good results

Do yourself and your company a favor and make sure your team is happy and motivated. Did you know that 77% of people suffer from physical symptoms caused by stress? And 73% experience psychological problems as a result of stress, ranging from sleeplessness to anxiety, chest pains, etc. Not nice, we tell ya. But we have a few ideas for things you can do to reduce stress and improve wellbeing:


  • Encourage your team to enjoy their lunch away from their desks so they can fully detach from work for a few minutes
  • Get some house plants, as researchers say that people who are surrounded by them are 15 times more productive than those who aren’t
  • Celebrate successes and honor achievements - both of entire teams and individual team member - by announcing them company-wide, giving them a round of applause and maybe even buying everyone a drink to toast with. This will make your staff feel appreciated and show them that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed (and to be honest, don’t we all like that feeling?)
  • Organise team lunches so that employees spend time together and get a chance to chat and bond regardless of departments, hierarchies and age. Maybe you could even start a lunch lottery where you draw the names of people that are going to share a meal? This will help people feel connected and included in the company

lunch outdoors


5. You are what you eat

Eat well and you will feel well! Did you know that, according to a study published in the Population Health Management journal, 66% of all loss of productivity is due to an unhealthy diet? How can you prevent that?


  • Provide healthy drinks, such as green tea, unsweetened iced tea, natural juices or coconut water to offer your teams an easy-to-grab alternative to lemonade and energy drinks.
  • Get a fruit bowl for your reception or kitchen and keep it well stocked, so that your employees will always have a healthy snack at hand.
  • Arrange a lunch program with a huge variety of healthy options and subsidize it to encourage your teams to mindfully enjoy a wholesome lunch.


fruit bowl


Here at Smunch, we’re happy to help you find solutions to make your office a healthier environment. And of course, we strongly believe that it all starts with the right food.

Happy working - and stay healthy!

The Smunch Team


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