As the saying goes, "teamwork makes the dream work." But in order for a team to work effectively, it's important to foster a sense of unity and connection. One simple way to do this is by scheduling regular team lunches. Here are some of the benefits of team lunches for productivity and team bonding:

  • Improved communication: Team lunches provide an opportunity for team members to have informal, face-to-face conversations in a relaxed setting. This can help improve communication and build stronger relationships among team members.
  • Enhanced collaboration: When team members sit down to a shared meal, they can discuss work-related issues and brainstorm solutions together. This can help foster collaboration and lead to more efficient problem-solving.
  • Increased morale: Taking a break from work to enjoy a meal together can help improve morale and reduce burnout. It can also give team members a chance to get to know each other better, which can improve team dynamics and create a more positive work environment.
  • Better productivity: Studies have shown that taking breaks from work can actually improve productivity and focus. A team lunch provides a natural break in the workday that can help recharge employees and increase their productivity in the afternoon.
  • Team building: Team lunches can be a fun and enjoyable way for team members to bond and build relationships outside of the office. This can lead to a stronger team culture and increased team cohesion.

There are many ways to make team lunches a regular part of office culture. Some companies offer a budget for team lunches, while others allow employees to expense their meals. If you're looking for a lunch-solution: where employees can order themselves, with a wide variety of healthy meals, and where all lunch meals are delivered at the same time, then try out Smunch! Find out more on

By taking the time to schedule regular team lunches, you can boost productivity, foster team bonding, and create a more positive and cohesive work environment. So go ahead and take a break from the grind – your team (and your work) will thank you!

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