10 Advantages of Working in a Startup

As more and more startups are emerging into the market, obviously more jobs become available in the scene. As a result, HR departments can have a hard time finding suitable new candidates. Some people jump at the opportunity, others are cautious or even reluctant. They fear that these “young and inexperienced enterprises” will not offer them the stability, security and benefits that they would like. What should we say? We’re a startup, we’re still here (touch wood!) and our Smunchies chose to work here for a reason. Or ten, actually.


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1.  More transparency

Unlike many big corporations, startups are usually happy to loop the whole team in and share numbers, developments and important news with the employees - and rightly so: You’re all in this together, so it’s only fair if you’re aware of what’s going on.


2.  Be creative and have fun as you improvise

Startups are young and they’re finding their way around. Most of the time, they will not be a pre-defined process for whatever thing it is you aim to do. Daunting? For some, it is. Others enjoy being able to do things their way and find the best way to accomplish a task. It only gets complicated when you are missing an essential tool for a job - but your inner MacGyver will cherish this chance to shine.




3.  Flat hierarchies

Tired of plastering that smile on your face and saying “Certainly, Sir” and “By all means, Ma’am”? Then come and work for a startup, where flat hierarchies are likely to await you. And all of a sudden, instead of bowing and executing, you can approach your boss and say, “Bill, that idea is ridiculous”. Instead of firing you, he’ll probably pat you on the back, give you a beer and discuss your thoughts with you.


4.  More responsibility

Startups are unlikely to have a strict protocol and fixed job descriptions. Once you start, you’ll be able to take important decisions soon and be on board for exciting new projects (which is both exciting and scary). Seize these opportunities and show them what you’re made of as you learn and grow.


5.  More opportunities

If you’re lucky, your startup grows quickly as it is based on a fantastic idea. As it does, so can you. Suddenly new positions will be created and you will be one of the first to know about them. Don’t miss out and climb the career ladder!


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6.  A variety of tasks

Remember we were talking about the missing protocols and guidelines? Quite often, their will not be a person for every job, and you will find yourself jumping in to help out in other departments or taking on a task you weren’t expecting. This has nothing to do with exploiting you - instead, it’s a great chance to learn more. And if you use this flexibility to your advantage, you can claim new tasks for yourself that you enjoy or benefit from. (Think about it… so many possibilities!)


7.  Learn from innovators with creative minds

You gotta be clever, innovative and just a tiny bit crazy to start a new company. Hence if you join a startup, this is exactly the kind of management you will encounter. Embrace it and let their inventive minds with their hands-on attitude inspire you.


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8.  Share and own your ideas

What happens when you work for a major corporation and you have a brilliant idea? In most cases, you have to present it to your supervisor, who will forward it to his manager, and the manager to the Head of Department, then to the Head Office… if it even gets that far. Chances are, your idea is dismissed before you even finish pitching it. It’s a different story in a startup: Not only will you get to share your idea, but you will most likely be encouraged to give it a go and to take ownership of your success.


9.  Your hard work will be recognized

And so will your mistakes, but since you’re not making any, we can leave that aside. Truth is, in a smaller team everyone gets a chance to shine, and if you are the only one who made a success possible, you get to enjoy the recognition. Meanwhile, in a big company, everything is always considered a “great team effort”.




10.  Relaxed come-as-you-are spirit and cool perks

Apart from the non-existent dress code (yep, your favorite sweatshirt counts as perfect office attire!) and a relaxed atmosphere, startups often offer tons of perks. OK, we’ll admit, mostly they’re not for your financial benefit, but they will help with your work-life-balance. Think flexitime, home office, good selection of free drinks (including beer, if you’re lucky), gym memberships, team lunches… the list goes on.


There you go, that’s a nice long list, eh? And if this doesn’t make you look for a job in the startup scene, we don’t know what will. So, see you on the team soon?


The happy startup Smunchies


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