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Join Smunch and help us revolutionize the way people enjoy lunch

Our Mission is to enhance our customer companies' employee experience and employer brand through stellar perks. We begin with the reimagined canteen - bringing employees together over delicious, healthy and joyful food.

If eating plays an essential role in your life and you want bring great lunch experiences to offices all over town, look no further - we've got your dream job!

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We listen with empathy, speak our truth and act with trust. Our focus is on doing the best for our customers. Every. Single. Day.



At Smunch we learn by challenging the status quo, enabling ownership and testing new ideas - because personal growth matters to us!

team spirit

Team Spirit

We see ourselves as a team and are proud when others succeed. Our meaningful work fulfills us - but we also find time to celebrate our craziness!

Ready to spice things up at Smunch?

Our Vision is that all great companies in the future will be built with fulfilled employees in caring workplaces.

If that sounds like something that is right down your alley, we're excited to receive your application!

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