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Hubspot: A Good Employer Does More Than Just Employ


“35% of all marketers are struggling to find qualified candidates.” This statement was shared on Hubspot Germany’s Facebook page in summer 2018.

With this message the company behind the popular software solution hits the nail on the head: the job market is becoming more and more competitive. It has not always been that way, but it is increasingly important to differentiate yourself from other employers.

Benefits make all the difference

Recognizing the importance of employee benefits, Hubspot offers several perks to its employees in each of the eight international branches. These can range from retirement programs to gym grants or team lunches.

For such lunches, the Hubspot office in Berlin regularly uses Smunch and is always enthusiastic about this solution. Above all, the simple order process with just a few clicks, but also the large selection of different cuisines with vegetarian and vegan options are a great advantage for employers and employees.

Happy teams and improved communication

And it works: the shared lunches bring teams together and foster communication between different departments. On warm days, the food is also enjoyed in the sun, so everyone enjoys at least a few minutes away from the screen and makes the most of their break time.

The team lunches are just one of many benefits that ensure the positive employer branding of the American company and encourage applicants to say: I also want to work for Hubspot!

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