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N26 pay 20% less for team lunch and improve employee satisfaction


In early 2018, a personal recommendation made N26 aware of Smunch. As the company does regular team lunches, an easy, flexible and affordable solution was worth trying - and the first lunch of tasty burritos was a roaring success with the team.

“The food tastes great and operationally, this works way better than all our previously tested solutions,” says Alex Blum, their Founders' Associate and Operational Excellence Manager. As a modern and forward-thinking online bank, they particularly like the modern approach with easy online orders and options for everyone.

Great food - great company culture

“Having four different options to choose from is great from our employees’ perspective,” Alex explains. “Our employees love the food: There are always long queues every Wednesday so everyone can pick his or her favorite choice. You can really feel that people are happy about this benefit.”

This is also the main reason N26 first decided to start having a weekly team lunch (or “Brown Bag Lunch”, as they call it): to give the team a chance to spend time together and share a meal, while ultimately improving the company culture and employee satisfaction.  And it worked! “Since introducing Smunch, employee feedback is so much better,” the company happily reports.

Financial savings

An efficient benefit that is easily implemented and even reduces costs - for N26, it was a no-brainer. As a bank, they like to spend their money smartly. Smunch has helped them in many ways: “We have a lot less operational stress with our so-called ‘Brown Bag Lunch’,” Alex Blum says. And what is even better, as Smunch does not charge for the delivery, they now “pay roughly 20% less per employee than previously.” What more can you want?

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