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An attractive employer thanks to smart benefits


It’s Thursday and lunch time at the November headquarters in Berlin. November is the partner for life’s final stages and a leading digital provider in the German market for funeral provisions and funeral services.

Their lunch room is getting busier as their team lunch is upon them. Once a week, the whole team gathers to enjoy a company-paid meal - and it pays off.

“Our shared lunches bring all departments together and improve communication between teams,” Sophie Just of November’s HR team explains. But there is more: using Smunch has proven to be a huge benefit for recruiting, as it is one of the many perks that makes November such an attractive employer.

A simple solution

November was founded in 2016 and the company started introducing employee benefits soon after. They would use classic delivery services with bike couriers, which each employee would order from individually. But for a large corporate client like November, this process was often tedious and a big hassle.

Instead, November started using Smunch at the end of 2018. Sophie Just has many reasons for this choice: “Smunch is very reliable and always super helpful if there are any issues. They always deliver on time and everything is very simple. What is more, they are constantly working on developing and improving their services.”

Great selection with healthy choices

November wanted to make sure to offer a diverse and a large selection dishes. “We wanted to offer our employees a benefit that included healthy meals,” Sophie Just explains. Smunch ticked all the boxes: “We particularly like the huge variety, which also includes vegetarian and vegan dishes. There is something different every day! Since all ingredients are always disclosed, it also helps to encourage our team to eat more nutritious food.”

Today, employees at November order from Smunch every day as “the food always tastes great”. But the highlight is still the weekly team lunch, when everyone gets to enjoy a company-paid meal together!