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Smunch is your smart alternative to traditional catering. Our wholesome and delicious food is prepared by the best chefs in town and delivered to you in handy, eco-friendly lunch boxes. Forget about buffets with more food than you need - and about queues, tableware and lengthy preparations. With just a click, you can place your order and let each person choose what they wish to eat. Meeting all preferences has never been easier!

Why choose Smunch?


Variety is the spice of life

Wow everyone with individual and allergy-friendly options from international cuisines that range from veggie / vegan to meat galore.


Quality you can rely on

We hand-pick the best restaurants in town, who take pride in preparing our food with the freshest ingredients only. Smunch stands for quality you can rely on - at amazing prices.


Let people make their own choices

By giving everyone the opportunity to choose their own lunch you honor their individuality and let them take part in the planning of the day. It is also a great start for small talk, as they can chat about what food they chose and why.

Ready to sort out your catering?

If you are planning an event (or you want to have a good solution at hand for whenever the need arises), drop us a line. We can get your food planning sorted with just a few clicks - and you'll wanna use us again and again!

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More reasons to choose Smunch


Prices that work with every budget

Where regular cold finger food prices start, Smunch gives you a large and satisfying portion of a wholesome dish. This way you have more money for other things, like yummy drinks or a tasty dessert.


Make it a regular thing

Just like a traditional canteen, Smunch qualifies for tax benefits if it is used as a way to regularly provide lunch for office teams. Find out how you can provide an attractive employee benefit while seizing meal allowances and fringe benefits.


Spend time with the people, not the to-do-list

Smunch Catering is all about easy handling. Since our food comes ready to eat in practical and eco-friendly boxes, we won’t need any preparation time on site and you won’t spend ages cleaning up. This means that you can actively enjoy the occasion with your team.

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Did you know?

89 % of employees with higher levels of well-being report high job satisfaction - which ultimately increases their loyalty towards their company!