Time to make a change!

We've asked office workers around town what annoys them about office lunch, and they all replied the same: losing time buying food, limited options in the area, unhealthy choices and that unsettling feeling afterwards of being both weighed down by food and yet not quite satisfied. Sounds familiar? Then Smunch is for you!


Be healthier and happier

Smunch food is made at hand-picked restaurants and with the best ingredients only. Choose from four categories, which include veggie, vegan and meat/fish options. There is something to suit every mood and preference. What is best, all dishes are designed to boost your concentration and performance - so no more food coma!


Relax with your team mates

Tired of running around during your break trying to find a lunch that is healthy, tasty and affordable? We hear you! Smunch delivers delicious boxed lunches right to your office. This way, you and your colleagues can make the most of your break. So sit back, relax and catch up - or laugh at each others bad jokes.


Please your inner foodie

Your days of food boredom are counted! Smunch features a huge variety of cuisines from all over the world, so lunch never gets dull. Take your palate on a journey! With options ranging from Mexican to Indian, Italian, Arabic, German and so many more, there is only one problem: it may take you a while to try them all - but luckily, there's about 230 working days every year - and you can now look forward to every one of them! :)

Got your attention?

Then set us up with your company and you will get your first month of Smunch for free to thank you for matchmaking!

If you are ready to become a Smunchie, fill in this form with your company’s HR contact or your Payroll Representative so we can get in touch. Don’t worry - we’ll do all the talking.

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Save with every order

Just like a traditional canteen, Smunch uses fringe benefits and meal allowances to make the food super affordable for you. That way you pay up to 50 % less than at the restaurant!
By smartly integrating Smunch in the payroll, it becomes even easier for you as your employer settles everyone’s bills with just one click - while all you have to do is indulge!

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Boost your career

Many important business meetings are held over lunch. That’s because by eating together, hierarchies get blurred and people from different ranks are more likely to bond. So don’t be shy and have a chat with your boss as you share a meal and next time there’s a chance for promotion, he’ll be more likely to consider you if he can put a face to the name.

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Some of our partner restaurants

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