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FAQ regarding Smunch

Our mission is to make it easy for companies to provide healthy, mindful food for their employees. That's why we have teamed up with the best restaurants in town, who take turns providing food with options for everyone - from vegan to meat-lover. We bring it directly to you so your teams can make the most of their break. At Smunch we take great pride in our attention to detail - from designing a balanced menu and carefully selecting our food partners, to bringing lunches in environmentally friendly packaging. All of this so your hardworking teams can have a smart lunch at work!

It’s not long ago that two clever minds called Shivram and Oliver were working at the same company in Berlin. They liked their jobs, their team and their employers, so all could have been well… if it hadn’t been for lunch breaks. Every day, they found themselves running around looking for a snack, wasting their precious break time queuing and, sometimes, getting soaked in the rain. They agreed that they were fed up with the daily hunger games at work, and besides, cool people only queue at clubs. So they considered ordering from a classic delivery service, but soon realized that the food often arrived too late and orders never made it to the office at the same time. Increasingly frustrated, they set sail and embarked on an epic expedition. Their quest for a smart lunch solution would soon culminate in the birth of Smunch, where the best restaurants in town prepare food that is then brought to those of us who need it the most: the hard-working teams in the offices. All the meals are delivered at the same time, so that teams can eat together, friendship can be found and alliances can be forged… sorry, getting carried away. Within three years, the company evolved from taking first tentative baby steps to catering for most major companies in Berlin. Today, about 50 happy and busy Smunch team members are on a simple mission: Having healthy, wholesome food at work should be as natural as having a desk. We’re sure you agree!

Unfortunately, no. :( We’re a lunch program provider working with companies only, which means that your employer will have to set up a cooperation with us for you to be able to order. But you can suggest your company as a potential client and we’re happy to get in touch.

It’s true that the company sets up the cooperation with us, but every employee has an individual account. That’s what we need your details for. The account allows you to choose the dish you fancy the most and keep track of your orders.

Right now we’re delivering to the city areas of Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. If you’re unsure if your address is covered, send us an email to hi@smunch.co and we’ll let you know!

If you feel like joining us on our mission, we’d be honored to hear from you! Smunch is always looking for talented individuals to make our team (even) better. Check out our open positions.

Basically, yes! If you can serve up great food and can bulk handle order sizes of up to 200 portions, we might be a good team. Learn more about what it means to be a Smunch partner on our website and get in touch so we can talk.

We are aware that individually boxed lunches are often not a very environmentally friendly solution. So we chose packaging solutions that are compostable and made of either natural or recycled materials. Our brown boxes (made from cane) can even be microwaved!

FAQ regarding our food

Our partner restaurants have options for all common allergies and are happy to come up with something for everyone. You are vegan with an intolerance for gluten and nuts? No worries - we love you just the way you are, and want you to fully enjoy your food!

It is important to us that our partners are able to meet our high expectations. Smunch food is always made with the best fresh and regional ingredients, full of flavour and diversity. Any restaurant that shares our food philosophy is welcome to become a partner.

If you know a great place we may not have heard of yet, then share your insider knowledge and send an email to hi@smunch.co. We’d be happy to get in touch with them and tell them about Smunch.

We got you covered! We mainly work with regional brands to provide you with nutritious snacks, spritz up your office with drinks and bring you desserts for afternoon cravings!

Oh no - we hate the thought that you didn’t like the food we’ve chosen. If that’s the case, please drop us a line at hi@smunch.co and we’ll find a solution.

Most of our packaging, such as the brown box, cutlery and dressing tubs, is compostable. However, some pieces take a long time to disintegrate. Hence our packaging is best disposed of in your regular waste (source: Berliner Stadtreinigung). Please put the plastic lid in the plastic recycling bin.

FAQ regarding the order process

All you need to order from Smunch is an account. This can easily be set up once your company has become a Smunch partner, and it takes just a few clicks. Because really, there are more important things to do. Like eating!

You may, but you certainly don’t have to! After all, if it’s mandatory, it’s not fun anymore! So you only order when you want to - there is no obligation.

Relax, there is no need to rush or plan ahead: orders need to be placed by 9.30 am on the delivery day only - in some cases even later. But you can also order up to a week in advance if you’d rather spend more time getting excited about your food.

Every employee manages his or her own account and can order or cancel until 9:30 am on the delivery day. Couldn’t be easier!

Every Smunchie will find an overview of their current and past orders in their account. We also provide a list of all orders with each delivery, so that the food can easily be matched to its rightful owner.

Smunch only delivers lunch, so all deliveries take place at your company around noon. As we only operate from Monday to Friday, there are no weekend deliveries.

Unfortunately not. We will do a bulk delivery to the company - that’s how we can offer it for free. We’re afraid this doesn’t allow for individual deliveries.

FAQ regarding prices and payment

This depends on your employer's type of account. If your employers uses a premium account and provides a food subsidy, you can both save money. How? Tax and social security benefits apply to this subsidy.
Either way, the price of your Smunch is about 50% lower than the normal restaurant price.
If you have more questions regarding this, please feel free to shout out to us at hi@smunch.co or speak to your HR or Finance department for more detailed information.

With Smunch, even the payment is easy, as your employer will automatically transfer the invoice amount for you. Alternatively, you can pay yourself with all common online payment options. Invoicing happens daily so all you have to do on a daily basis is enjoy!

Your invoice will be issued automatically at the end of every month. You will have it emailed, but you can also find it in your account.

FAQ regarding the company accounts

The implementation of Smunch is free. With just a small monthly service fee you can get food delivered for your entire company.
Just contact us and together we can work out the best option for you and make you an offer you cannot refuse!

For Premium customers, Smunch can easily be integrated in your payroll - we are happy to help you set this up. Our software is compatible with all common payroll providers, such as DATEV, SAP or Sage. As a result, all your accountant has to do is import our file at the end of the month - with a simple click. Magic? Maybe.

Admin Managers can also place group orders (for example, for team meetings, guests, trainings, etc.), which are always invoiced to the company.

Technically this is an option. For any of these special requests, please contact us directly at hi@smunch.co so we can discuss the details.

My question is not on here. How can I get in touch?

We’re sorry if your question has been left unanswered. Please drop us a line at hi@smunch.co or use our chat to get in touch and we’ll help you!