If we could, we'd be smunching all day

... and we made it our mission to make you feel the same!

Making people happy (and full)!

Eating well is key to a healthier, more fulfilling life!

Here at Smunch, we believe that healthy people are happy people, and that healthy food should not be a luxury that you can only enjoy on weekends or at home. Everyone should have the right and the opportunity to eat something they enjoy every day - and we are the little Super-Smunchies that will deliver it to everyone’s offices You think that’s a big task? Maybe, but it’s also an important one, and one that every single team member cares about.

While our culinary creativity is endless (at least, we think so - do you agree?), our food philosophy is all the simpler: lots of veggies, proteins and whole grains and no added sugar. Really, that’s all you need… Simmer it in a magic cauldron, and ta-da… superfood! Just kidding, but while there’s plenty of fads (like hipsters or fidget spinners), we really do believe in this simple truth and will keep doing so!


Only the best is good enough for you

At Smunch, we have carefully selected and teamed up with the best restaurants in town, which was a bit like playing Monopoly, except we’re focusing on flavor, not location. Together we have created meals that are full of wholesome goodness - because you deserve it! We have reduced the evil stuff and, instead, packed in as much flavor and goodness as possible: crunchy veggies, fresh dressings and aromatic herbs will make your palate dance in tango-esque delight! Proteins make you fit and strong – a power source for power people!

Too often, people spend their entire lunch break searching for a snack. But you’re not on a treasure hunt! Then, once you’ve rushed back to your desk, an unpleasant feeling of guilt settles in as the fatty lunch weighs down your stomach. Bye-bye efficiency and hello Garfield! Let’s make those energy-lows a thing of the past. Yep, that’s right - no more yawning! Our restaurants pack the Smunch boxes with nuts and seeds that will boost your energy levels and brain power. Grains and legumes such as beans or quinoa make sure the energy is released slowly, therefore fueling you for the whole day. Go on, impress your boss with your new efficiency!

Can't get enough of good food?

Good - then we're a match made in heaven. Drop us a line and we'll come by. Together, we'll find a way to make your lunches truly amazing.

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We cherish diversity!

You suffer from an allergy or an intolerance? Don’t worry, Smunch will love you just as you are and our chefs will be happy to accommodate your needs. Are you vegan or vegetarian? Perfect, because we believe that it’s our different habits, ideals and lifestyles that make us amazing, and because of that we will offer vegan and veggie options every day. After all, if we all liked the same stuff, we’d only end up nicking each other’s food, wouldn’t we?

Share the joy!

To improve performance even more, a good team spirit is key. At Smunch we’re convinced that eating together makes you grow together. After all, that’s what happy families do, right? Therefore we deliver all meals at the same time, so teams can enjoy their breaks together and bond over food.

Sounds too good? Maybe, because there is a catch: our meals are so yummy you will have a hard time deciding what to order. With four dishes to choose from every day, all preferences are catered for. Our restaurants take turns preparing food for you daily, which always gives you a new cuisine to discover. This means that you could have Indian on Monday with Chutnify, a salad on Tuesday with Doll’s Kitchen, Mexican on Wednesday with Chupenga, German on Thursday with Schwabylon and Arabic on Friday with Cana. Sounds good, eh? So go on, take your palate on a journey around the world! As a first teaser, why not have a look at our partner restaurants below? But brace yourself - hunger incoming!