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Artisanal food by local kitchens

All dishes are handmade with great care and knowledge by professional chefs working in the best kitchens of each city. In collaboration with our food team these chefs create unique dishes especially prepared just for Smunch customers. Every day, they make the most of each ingredient to bring you perfect lunch boxes.

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international food

International selection

Local production meets global recipes. We choose the best variety from around the world to bring you innovative new interpretations and traditional classics. Whether you want delicate sushi, hearty burritos, crunchy schnitzel or fiery curries, we got it on our rotating menu. Say goodbye to boredom. Smunch will surprise you with new dishes regularly.
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Nutrition and balanced meals

Especially on a hard work day, the body needs to replenish energy during the lunch break. That's why we compose all dishes with a balance of complex carbohydrates, fiber and fats in mind to fuel you without weighing you down. Of course, we also have some indulgent dishes. Life is a balance as well and we all need soul food from time to time.
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Cooked to order every day

We don't like preservatives. That's why we chose to cook daily to bring you the freshest food. Just shortly before you receive it, your order is finished cooking and put in a box to arrive piping hot or nicely cooled depending on the dish.
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Green options

Not only do we love putting in lots of healthy veggies in all our dishes, we also made lots of vegetarian and vegan option a must from the beginning. Each restaurant puts out delicious, inventive dishes for our plant-based customers. Enjoy a joined lunch that doesn't just consist of boring salads.
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Our restaurant partners

In each city we operate in our food team is constantly searching for the best restaurants and caterers. Every kitchen has to fulfill our standards of hygiene, our taste tests and our test deliveries to become a partner. We aim to have long-term partnerships in which we learn and grow together. New partners are always welcomed to bring even more variety into our selection. 

Have a look over our cooks' shoulders

Königsberger Meatballs in Lemon-Capers-Sauce-1

Königsberger Meatballs

A gentle simmer and stale bread mixed into the minced beef do wonders to make the most tender meatballs. Served in a caper sauce made with whole milk, flour and broth, this dish is cooked to perfection.

Morrocan Lamb Stew 2-1

Moroccan Lamb Stew

While the lamb cooks in an aromatic mix of Moroccan spices, tomatoes and sour plums for hours, the cooks have ample time to steam bulgur and mix it with chopped mint and parsley to go alongside it.

Paneer Masala-1

Paneer Butter Masala

Tomatoes, onions, cashews and spices are transformed into a lush masala with a bit of butter that gently envelopes the handmade paneer and the spiced Basmati rice.

Spatzle 2-1

Cheese Spätzle

In typical Swabian tradition, the handmade noodle dough is pressed through a special Spätzle maker, cooked and then buttered up and mixed with a variety of Cheeses. Topped with roasted onions, this dish becomes the ultimate comfort food.

burrito bowl -1

Burrito Bowl

From the spicy heat of the tomato chili salsa to the homemade Mexican seasonings used on the beans and quinoa to the hand mashed Guacamole with garlic, lime and a pinch of chili flakes, this bowl is a healthy Mexican bowl that squeezes the best of each ingredient.

Taste your way through our food!

Whatever culinary needs your team has, we will be sure to meet them! Just leave your details and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



Different ways to enjoy Smunch food

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Smunch Online Canteen

Our mission is to bring teams together through individually-chosen meals delivered at the same time so they can be enjoyed together. Whether you have a small office or multiple offices with 3000+ employees, the online canteen will be your perfect match. And all of this for just the fraction of the cost of restaurant meals.

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Smunch Office Catering

Do you have to plan long meetings or weekly team lunches? The Smunch catering is uniquely personalized, so that everyone gets exactly what they want in single-boxes. No more fighting over the buffet or being limited to few options. That's how flexible catering should be.

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Smunch Fridge

Enjoy even more flexibility with the Smunch Fridge that provides teams with our tasty, nutritious meals 24/7. Any shift work or spontaneous hunger pangs will be made better with the swipe of a card and nutritious food. But don't worry, we also fill the fridge with high-quality snacks, drinks and desserts for any cravings in between work breaks.

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Our restaurant partners in Munich

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