Digital Vouchers for Food Subsidy

Don't want to keep folders upon folders of receipts for each meal you subsidize for your employees? We thought so. That's why Smunch created a guide to digital bills for subsidies that will save you time and money.

Disadvantages of Paper Vouchers and Receipts

Food vouchers made of paper have been around for many decades. And yet, they're far from being accepted in a lot of places. This limits the food choices for employees, particularly in the vicinity of their company.

Additionally, both paper vouchers and receipts can easily get lost. Plus, it takes a long time to properly put all receipts in order. Especially for large teams, it's much easier to avoid paper vouchers and receipts completely and to document subsidized items and foods digitally.

Food Subsidy Options

In order to save money with subsidies, companies will have to prove each purchase to the tax office (Finanzamt). While transmitting receipts is time consuming and complex, electronical receipts will lower the effort substencially.

Learn what other regulations you need to know to correctly use food subsidies

One way to document food purchases for subsidy are apps. For a small fee, apps like Hrmony, Billyard or Salfy either include digital food vouchers or can be used to scan receipts. 


Paper Voucher

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Digital Food Vouchers


Specific Delivery Services

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Integrated Food Subsidy

Even easier than apps are delivery services like Smunch that include the tax benefit in their price.

We at Smunch make it our mission to bring teams together over shared lunches by delivering employees lunches simultaneously. Not only does that make breaks more relaxed, but also more affordable. With every meal delivery to your office, the tax benefit is directly deducted from the price beforehand. So you won't ever have to worry about using a voucher or scanning receipts. The lunch is immediately cheaper and accounting will be a breeze. Companies save precious time and money while their teams can choose from a large variety of daily changing lunch options. 

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Smunch has different modules for payment. The common denominator - we want to make it as easy as possible for both employers and employees to implement food subsidies.

Smunch's Payment Options

Eat Tax-free

For salary conversion, a small part of an employee's income will directly be used for lunch orders.

Raise Employees' Net Wages

Through the subsidy a large part of the taxes will be dropped in comparison to classical raises.

Tax Class and Salary

Ultimately, employees will have more net salary. How much is saved depends on the individual tax class and salary category.

Addition to Net Wage

Smunch gives employers the option to fully pay for the meals of their team.

Meals > Raises

Not only will companies have satisfied, well-fed employees, but both parties save more money on taxes compared to raises.

Great Tax Benefit

With only 25% flat tax rate, each meal saves money. We will apply the subsidy for you and send a monthly invoice.

Save Money with Subsidy

Even when employees pay the majority of their meals themselves, integrated food subsidies will make their Smunch meals cheaper.

Smunch vs. other Food Delivery

Every delivery will save on wage and social tax in comparison to regular food delivery services.

Easy Invoicing

Our finance team will take care of implementing the tax benefit in your monthly invoices.

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