Update your office and make your team happy with high-quality fresh meals, international snacks, desserts, and drinks.

Available to your employees all day long!

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Open the door to new possibilities!

• Free delivery, set-up and maintainance
• Open 24/7
• Fresh, nutritious meals by local kitchens
• International snacks, sweets and drinks
• Smart scan and automated payment
• Customized to your preferences
• Cleaned and sanitized with every refill
• Fits anywhere
• Secured with smart lock mechanism


What makes the Smunch Fridge unique?

The Smunch Fridge is more than a pretty vending machine. Rather than stocking tasteless instant food, we work with top-notch local restaurants and renowned caterers to give you fresh, healthy and nutritious meals. Because for us, the quality of satisfying, carefully cooked meals is more important than infinite shelf life!

Don't worry, your snack and sugar cravings will be fulfilled as well. With brands from around the world, you will get excited to try new snacks, drinks and desserts. Our algorithm constantly monitors and adjusts the content of the fridge based on the preferences and dietary needs of your employees.

After all, we want it to be your fridge and new favorite desk neighbor.

How to get your goods:


Whet your appetite

Peak through the glass door. See something you like?
We thought so.
using card

Open the door

Take out your Smunch or credit card to unlock the door. Now you can grab whatever you fancy.

card payment

Easy payment

Close the door and you will be automatically charged for the items you took. We will be informed on which treats to restock.

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Orders daily

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Ordering Companies

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Different dishes

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Some of our tasty products:


Fruit Basket

Just want a healthy boost of vitamins for your team? Choose our fruit basket and you will get your free delivery in just 72 hours after your first order and then regularly after. Available in two sizes to fit your company size. No contract, no plastic, no stress.

The tastiest way to give your team a weekly dose of vitamins!

Our locations

We deliver to over 150 companies in these cities:




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