We truly believe that, as a business, it is our responsibility to give back - both to the community and the environment. That’s why we try to make a difference with everything we do.

We value our planet

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Efficient bulk deliveries

We have deliberately chosen to deliver our food by car. It’s not because we’re fast and furious but because this allows us to drop off large quantities, allowing teams to enjoy their lunch together. Plus, the larger the delivery, the fewer cars on the road - and that’s van-tastic!
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Offsetting our carbon emissions

We realize that our vehicles impact the environment. Every route produces additional carbon dioxide - and we compensate for that! That’s why we pay a monthly contribution to Karbonaut. And by the way - we compensate for our packaging too!
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Eco-friendly packaging

Take-away food has a bad reputation - and often rightly so. But not in our case! Instead of polystyrene or aluminium packaging, we made sure our packaging is made of recycled, recyclable and compostable material. The box itself is made of bagasse, the residue of the cane sugar production. Our PET lids can be recycled up to 600 times, creating an eco-friendly cycle. And we don’t add anything unnecessary to your delivery, such as cutlery or napkins. Since we can always do more, we are currently working on a new carbon-neutral solution - stay tuned!
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Choosing food partners responsibly

Smunch doesn’t deliver just any food. We handpick local restaurants and small businesses as our partners, giving them an extra outlet for their products. Additionally, the restaurants can operate outside their rush hours and gain valuable extra income. But being local isn’t the only thing it takes to become a Smunch Partner. We make sure our restaurants use fresh ingredients only to ensure high quality. Are you in?
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Donating food & reducing waste

In the food industry accounting for sudden changes and resulting food surplus can be a challenge. To prevent food waste, our Berlin office donates any surplus of our Smunch meals to the local charity Berliner Engel. Approximately 4 to 10 percent of food purchased by restaurants becomes kitchen loss before reaching customers. By joining our platform, restaurants get precise numbers of orders and can plan how much to buy and cook in advance.
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Supporting local initiatives

We have a fleet. We have fantastic and motivated staff. So we put that to use in meaningful ways whenever we can. During the Covid-19 crisis we joined forces with several local businesses for the initiative “Kochen für Helden” (Cooking for Heroes). Restaurants and cafés prepared food that we delivered to the people who kept the engine running: the staff at hospitals, prisons and other institutions.
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Drinking locally and charitably

What makes things taste even better? Ethical consumption! That’s why Smunch didn’t stop at healthy lunch options. For our newest snacks and drinks addition, we consciously chose small, local providers to work with who give back to society. A purchase of drinks from our partners at Charitea, Fritz Kola, Share and Community Cola automatically will benefit a charity.
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We care about your safety

Thanks to our delivery, you get to stay inside the office. With the Corona virus still posing a health risk, Smunch helps to limit your exposure: no more waiting in line at the take-away window or getting by with food from the overcrowded supermarket. By upholding strict health regulations, we make sure to prevent contamination from our packaging or food. Also, our drivers now wear masks and deliver to the door only. That way your team gets to enjoy a nourishing lunch inside all while minimizing the risk for everyone!
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