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Contracts tailored to your company

Contracts tailored to your company

Smunch is your flexible solution for feeding teams. Whether you get regular lunch deliveries with the Online Canteen or want fresh food around the clock with the Smunch fridge - we make office food delicious and affordable. Every company is unique and we adjust to your specific needs.

We can be your daily lunch solution or fit a hybrid work module and adjust delivery days and order numbers. Two people in the office one day, 30 on the next? No problem. We'll be your office perk whenever you need it.

Your company - Your price

Get in touch with us and we'll find the right food solution and price for you.

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Get in touch with us and we'll find the right food solution and price for you.

Avoid the running costs of a traditional canteen and get team lunch deliveries whenever your employees want them. Depending on the number of employees, number of delivery days and employer subsidization, we will adjust our monthly subscription fee for your company.

Online Canteen

starts from

500 EUR

per month

Smunch Meals

starts from

7.50 EUR

per lunch

Included benefits:

  • free delivery
  • eco-friendly single packaging
  • 1-click order or cancellation
  • no minimum daily order
  • individual employee accounts
  • detailed easy invoicing

Online Canteen Subscription Fee

Well-fed teams are happy teams, so use the best employee benefit with our lunch delivery. If you also choose to subsidize your team's lunch, you'll not only save on taxes but also on our subscription fee.


Full Subsidy

Employers pay fully for the team lunch but save on social and wage tax.

Number of employees: 50 employees

Monthly canteen fee: 500 EUR*


50% Subsidy

Employers pay for half of the team lunch but save some of the social and wage tax.

Number of employees: 50 employees

Monthly canteen fee: 1000 EUR*


No Subsidy

The team pays for the lunch themselves but saves money because of our affordable meals.

Number of employees: 100 employees

Monthly canteen fee: 800 EUR*

*these prices are an estimation for daily delivery and are subject to change.

Yearly, food subsidies can save your company 1.080 € per employee

Smunch Fridge

from 900 EUR*

 per month

24/7 Food Solution

Ideal for teams craving great food but also the most flexibility. Filled with fresh meals, high-quality snacks and drinks, the Smunch Fridge can be accessed around the clock. Each team member gets their own card to open and pay at the fridge door directly.

Included benefits:

  • free installation
  • customized selection
  • free maintainance
  • free regular refills
  • smart lock technology
  • free cleaning

Smunch Fridge Subscription Fee

Open the door to the most flexible office perk that crushes any cravings your team might have throughout their shifts.

Single Fridge

starts from

900 EUR*

per month

Smunch Fridge + Online Canteen

starts from

500 EUR*

per month

*these prices are an estimation per fridge and location


What's the minimum number of employees for the Online Canteen?

Our canteen feeds small teams from 25 to 500 employees per company location.

Is there a minimum order amount per day?

There's no minimum order size. Even if most of your employees are sick, working from home or are on holiday, our delivery crew is more than happy to feed anyone working in the office that day. It doesn't matter if it's just a 2-people-Tuesday or 45-people-Thursday.

Can I pause my company orders for a day, week or month?

Of course. You can get as few or many workday deliveries as you need. If you plan on pausing for a longer period, we will happily find a solution.

Can I get the Online Canteen for multiple company locations?

No problem! You can get the Online Canteen for as many employees and company locations as you need.

Can I get both the Fridge and the Online Canteen?

Of course. You even save on the subscription fees if you have both Smunch Fridge and Online Canteen. We love feeding very hungry teams.

How many Smunch Fridges can I get for my company?

Your company can get any number of fridges installed in one or multiple buildings. With any additional fridge, you will get a discount. Reach out to hi@smunch.com for more information.

Is the Online Canteen compatible with home office or hybrid work?

Smunch is perfect for flexible work weeks, since we deliver however much or little food is needed on any given day. 

What determines the meal prices?

We work with the best local kitchens of each city to give your team the tastiest food. Since the cost of living varies per area, our meal prices reflect that. However, each region has a fixed price, so you'll always pay the same.

How does the food subsidy work?

With food subsidies both employers and employees can save on wage and social tax. That can save up to 1.080 EUR a year per employee. Read our simple guide to understand how food subsidies work: smunch.com/food-subsidy

We'll make you an offer you can't refuse

Fill in the form and our amazing team will personally explain our pricing and answer any remaining question.

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