Eine klare und auffällige Überschrift


Minimize contacts with others

By offering grouped, safe and contactless deliveries, Smunch ensures the least exposure to everyone. Our individually-packed meals offer the best solution to avoid crowds during lunch, prevent cash exchange and decrease significantly contact points. Making everyone safer.

Strictest hygiene standards

Smunch has implemented radical hygiene measures to ensure the safety of both its employees and customers. From the preparation of the food, to the plating, dispatching and sanitization of our equipment, we make sure to set the standard of providing a safe lunch.

Take care of your body

Good nutrition is fundamental in supporting your immune system and building a sane lifestyle. Smunch takes pride in its mission to bring healthy, affordable, and delicious lunches to everyone. We work with food experts to create meals packed with whole food, loads of fibers, less salt, less saturated fats, less sugar. The most delicious way to build your immune system and treat your body with the respect it deserves.

Our Process

1. Cooking

The day starts early for our partner restaurants who are prepping the food each day. Chefs wear masks, along with following all strict hygiene requirements already enforced in a restaurant.

2. Plating

Once the food is cooked, the chef is plating the meals in the individual Smunch boxes. This is obviously done while wearing protective equipment like gloves and masks.

3. Loading

Now is the time for our food operator to come in, wearing a mask and gloves. He first sanitizes his gloves with a hydroalcoholic gel and then starts stowing the packed meals into our transport boxes.We only carry food from a single customer in each box to prevent unnecessary openings.

4. Driving

Transport boxes are now loaded in our vans and drivers are starting with their route.

5. Delivering

Once arrived at the customer location, our driver is ensuring to have his mask on, sanitizes his hands and brings the transport box in the lunch area of the company. He opens the transport box, sanitizes his hands again with hydroalcoholic gel and places the Smunch boxes on the lunch table. At no point in time were the lunch boxes opened by any Smunch employee.

6. Sanitizing

Once our drivers are back from their tour, we are disinfecting all the transport boxes, phones and cars so they can be ready for the next day.

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